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Message started by Matt on Jan 4th, 2007 at 10:02am

Title: Some tasks not moving files
Post by Matt on Jan 4th, 2007 at 10:02am
I have 2 tasks that haven't been working.  Both use Fast monitoring on a local drive, one runs a sort and copy and one now runs a batch file because it had the same problem but now seems to work ok.  

Files arrive having been automatically downloaded from an FTP server and then just sit there doing nothing.   I need to take an archive copy and move them to remote sites around the country.  If I restart the task it works perfectly, but it's causing me grief and phone calls late at night.  They are not running as services at present although that gives the same problem.  I have other tasks set up that run without any problems.  File delivery quantities can vary from ones and twos to 20 or 30 in one go.

Am I missing something here?

Title: Re: Some tasks not moving files
Post by Gert on Jan 5th, 2007 at 6:50am
Hi Matt,

When monitoring files that come from FTP, it can be problematic to get the timing right. FTP software often creates files like this:
create file (empty)
open file - write a few bytes - close file
open file - write a few bytes - close file
open file - write a few bytes - close file
open file - write a few bytes - close file

To make sure WD will trigger for the file at the correct moment (at the "done" point in time above), try this:
use the "polling" monitoring method
On the other settings page select the "wait for files" option ("until their size doesn't change" - note the helpfile doesn't correctly reflect the "other settings" window).
On the same page, make sure to set "delay starting task" high enough. For example 30 seconds.

WD will now wait to trigger the task for the "delay" period (30 seconds) every time a size change is detected.

If the above doesn't help, can you enable "write debug info" (also on the other options page), and run the task again. After some time when you are positive WD has ignored some event(s) again, inspect the task history and search for any (error) messages.

Or email the history database and your task settings to me (with debug enabled):
<task directory>\<yourtaskname>.config
<task directory>\<yourtaskname>\history.db

<task directory>: press CTRL+9 inside the watchDirectory Control Center to explore this directory
<yourtaskname>: the name of your task


Title: Re: Some tasks not moving files
Post by Matt on Jan 10th, 2007 at 9:30pm
Hi Gert

Thanks for the reply - only just seen it.  it's running really well now, and I'm very impressd with the speed, it's taken ftp file delivery times to remote sites around the country from 2-3 minutes to about 10 seconds.  

I'll have a look at your suggestions, there are 2 ftp accounts that i seem to have the most problem with, and one of them had me up till the small hours this morning!  but this afternoon and evening it's running really well, and we have a very large publication coming through now comprising of 300-odd pdf's for printing, and it hasn't missed a beat.  

95% of the files it will be handing will be via ftp, so I'll have a go and let you know.

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