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Message started by Gert on Jun 14th, 2007 at 7:40am

Title: 4.2.3 beta
Post by Gert on Jun 14th, 2007 at 7:40am
A new watchDirectory beta is available, with the following changes:

   *  New: A plugin to Automatically Rename Files.
   * New: When a renamed directory is detected, watchDirectory can optionally also fire events for the contents of the "new" directory
   * New: The thumbnail plugin supports BMP as the output format.
   * New: When using the scheduler with the option "ignore events outside scheduled periods" selected, watchDirectory will no longer monitor the directory outside the scheduled periods.
   * Updated: The email plugin will not report an error when there is no @email.txt file in a directory
   * Updated: The Postman program uses an upgraded email component, and no longer needs to copy files on long paths.
   * Fix: The postman program could crash if you included a Unicode file without a byte order marker.
   * Fix: The ftp plugin did not handle some of the proxy types correctly.
   * Fix: The email plugin reported the "old" filename/directory name in case of rename events.
   * Fix: The control center could report a wrong number of running tasks.

Note that you should install the beta in the same directory as your current install. Also, while the beta is installed, it will claim that there is an update available on the web. Just ignore those messages.


removed the download link, see last reply for the current version

Title: Re: 4.2.3 beta 2
Post by Gert on Jun 17th, 2007 at 10:46am

A new beta is available, with one new feature. The email plugin always had the option to "combine" emails that are sent within a certain time period (for example within one hour). Previously the time period was always "reset" when an email was combined. When monitoring "busy" directories, this could cause emails to be delayed far longer than the configured combine period.
The updated email plugin allows you to make this delay period "fixed".


removed the download link, see last reply for the current version

Title: Re: 4.2.3 beta 3
Post by Gert on Jun 20th, 2007 at 8:24am

We just uploaded a new beta with a few fixes and some new features.

Fixed: Ignoring certain subdirectories of the monitored directory did not work anymore (not ignored).

And several new options for the email plugin. Most of these were requested in response to the email tip in our previous newsletter .

Dynamic subject based on the directory where the new file is found
When you use the trick with the email.txt file, as described in the newsletter, you can now also add the subject to use for the email to the email.txt file.
To do this, your email.txt file should look like this:

Code (]; <- lines that start with a semicolon are ignored
; email plugin stops reading email addresses when it sees a line starting with "["

subject=A new file: %WD_FILE%

Look for the email.txt in parent directories
When the email.txt file is not found in the directory which has the file event (new file, deleted file etcetera), you can instruct the email plugin to look for it in the parent directory (and after that in the parents parent directory....).
To enable this, add an exclamation mark (!) in front of the filename:

Code (]@@!email.txt[/code):
When the file C:\Monitored\subdir\sub\file.txt is created, the email plugin will try the following filenames:


removed the download link, see last reply for the current version
corrected the layout of code sample

Title: Re: 4.2.3 beta 4
Post by Gert on Jul 20th, 2007 at 3:46pm

A new beta is available with two enhancements:
The "File Age" monitoring method can now also fire events for directories older than a certain age. It will fire a DIRNEW event for directories that are too old.
The "Automatically Delete Files" plugin now supports the DIRNEW event, and it will remove the directory IF IT IS EMPTY. If the directory contains other files (or directories) it is not removed.


removed the download link, see last reply for the current version

Title: Re: 4.2.3 beta 5 (release candidate)
Post by Gert on Jul 30th, 2007 at 9:38am

We just uploaded a new beta (5th beta of 4.2.3).
There are 2 new features of this version:

The Automatically Email plugin, when configured to combine emails, can optionally combine these emails separately for each sub-directory.
The bat file plugin has a new variable (WD_FILE_OWNER), and the plugins that support dynamic naming can use the new tag {owner}. These variables are filled with the accountname of the owner of the detected file.


removed the download link, see last reply for the current version

Title: Re: 4.2.3 beta 6 (release candidate)
Post by Gert on Aug 1st, 2007 at 1:25pm

Just one fix in this release to the "automatically FTP" plugin. The "browse to the FTP directory" (labeled with "...") will now default to the user's home directory, instead of to "/". Some FTP servers don't allow to browse to "/", and that caused the dialog to fail (not show any directories). Thanks to Helen for reporting this issue.


removed the download link, see last reply for the current version

Title: Re: 4.2.3 beta 7
Post by Gert on Aug 27th, 2007 at 9:02am
Hello All,

Here is the final (well, I thought that before) beta of watchDirectory version 4.2.3. This version will be the "release" version next week.

New in beta 7:
# Fix: The "automatically delete" plugin would also remove the monitored directory itself.
# Fix: Quiet events ignored the scheduler settings.
# Fix: If you enabled dynamic naming on the FTP plugin, the browse button did not work.


removed the download link. Version 4.2.3 is now the official release

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