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Message started by groyster on Feb 20th, 2008 at 3:38pm

Title: monitoring netwrk w/ service fails with psword err
Post by groyster on Feb 20th, 2008 at 3:38pm

I'm testing WD 4.5.0 with the intention of purchasing a Professional license, but have found that I cannot run my task as a service.   The odd thing is, a coworker was able to run it as a service in the previous version of WD using the same settings - without any problem.   The trial version expired before I was able to complete my testing, so I moved to a new client and installed version 4.5.0, but now the service fails.  The scenario details are below.

I am monitoring a Windows domain network folder using a UNC (details below).  When I run the process manually (ie not a service) , it works perfectly.  When I run it as a service however, it fails immediately with the error: "Error Code: 86 Description: The specified network password is not correct."  I have a domain user account  with read-only access to the folder being monitored.  After creating the task in WD I modify the windows service to run using my domain credentials (ie. domain/username and pword).  The windows service detail window confirms my credentials on save, but the service fails.  Can someone please tell me if there are any tricks to getting a WD service to monitor a Windows domain share.  



Folder being monitored: \\twd-fs04\Log\Dom\Court\east\Print
Method - currently using default, but have tried all methods but File Age
Events - looking for FileNew or FileChng events
Results - files are sent via email attachments whenever the above events are triggered

Other details

- a coworker ("Ben") has read-write access to the folder is experiencing the same issue
- we have tested the config on two separate client machines using both Ben and my domain accounts and neither works
- running WD on the domain file server itself is likely not an option, so it must run from a client machine

Title: Re: monitoring netwrk w/ service fails with psword
Post by Gert on Feb 23rd, 2008 at 1:49pm
Hello Greg,

Sorry for the late response, I have seem to have missed it earlier (lame, lame, lame, I know).

I am not sure what is happening for this task, normally when you use a "wrong" userid/pwd for a service, it will bail out with a "error 5: no privilege" for the network resource...
Can you check the "task history" (right click, view task history) for any specific errors/warnings?

Contact me directly (not on the forum) if you need a temporary key to continue your evaluation.


Title: Re: monitoring netwrk w/ service fails with psword
Post by groyster on Feb 25th, 2008 at 9:35pm

Thanks for the response.  I apologize for not responding earlier, but was unaware of your response.
To answer your question - the exact error i get depends on the monitoring method being used.
See the attached screen shot of the History Viewer and you will see where each of the three different methods was tested.

event_log_screen_print_.jpg (Attachment deleted)

Title: Re: monitoring netwrk w/ service fails with psword
Post by Gert on Feb 26th, 2008 at 7:12am

Can you try something more simple?
Create a "test" directory on the twd-fs04 server, share it and (for starters) give all permissions to "everyone".
Can you try to monitor that "test" directory?
If that works, reduce the permissions on "test" to reflect the permissions of the real directory you want to monitor.

Is "\\twd-fs04\Log\Dom\Court\east\Print" a "real directory" or is some kind of virtual queue?


Title: Re: monitoring netwrk w/ service fails with psword
Post by groyster on Feb 26th, 2008 at 1:53pm

Thanks for your response.  I work in a corporate environment where the infrastructure team (ie. servers, domains, etc.) is very separate from my team (software development). So unfortunately I don't have the authority to create a "test" directory as you suggested below.  And this host server is in a production environment with important information residing on it, so I doubt I could get permissions even if I asked.

Again, thanks for all of your help and for your quick responses.  I am very impressed with WatchDirectory.  Keep up the good work.  

To answer your other question: yes, this is a real directory on a Microsoft Windows server (Win2003?). I can browse this shared folder w/o a problem using Windows Explorer.


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