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Message started by Sburk on Apr 14th, 2010 at 7:23pm

Title: Copy Files not working
Post by Sburk on Apr 14th, 2010 at 7:23pm
I just purchased WatchDirectory Professional 4.6.2

I have setup a simple Copy Files job and have attached the backup of this job to this thread.

I am simply monitoring a directory.  When a new or changed file event is triggered, I want the files to be copied to the specified location immediately.

I'm seeing strange behavior, sometimes a file is randomly copied to the location, however, the directory structure isn't created.  For example, copying the file C:\Test\shawn.txt will place the file in C:\Test2\shawn.txt  rather than C:\Test2\Test\shawn.txt.

I also select the option to rename the file with the current date.  This doesn't happen either.

Any help would be appreciated, any other details you may need should be included in the .zip that I have attached.  Thanks much!

modified by Gert: removed the zip from the post

Title: Re: Copy Files not working
Post by Gert on Apr 15th, 2010 at 7:09am

I looked at your settings. If you want to always include a timestamp for the copied file, you need to enable
[X] Use dynamic naming for the target file
and use this as the "dynamic name":

Code (]C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.ROTECHCOLO\Desktop\Test2\{filetitle}_{year}{month}{day}_{hour24}{min}{sec}.{extension}

or, if you want to place the files in the same sub-directory, use
[code]C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.ROTECHCOLO\Desktop\Test2\{relativedir}\{filetitle}_{year}{month}{day}_{hour24}{min}{sec}.{extension}

Please note that when you create a new sub-directory in the monitored directory it is *not* created automatically in the target directory. Only when a file is created in that new sub-directory will it be copied and the new sub-directory created.

sometimes a file is randomly copied to the location

I do not see this in your history database (see ), perhaps this was for another task?


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