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Message started by algilson on Mar 4th, 2011 at 6:25pm

Title: FTP: Syntax error in parameters or aguments.
Post by algilson on Mar 4th, 2011 at 6:25pm

We're running watchDirectory Pro ver. 4.6.5. I'm trying to set up an FTP routine to send files to a client's site when they're dropped into a folder. So far I have everything set up as I believe it should be. For example when I'm editing the task, I have server ip address (or fqdn), port 21, protocol FTP, passive mode has been enabled and disabled with same result, userid is correct, password is correct, base directory is /, transfer is Always Binary. We don't have a proxy server, so it's set to No Proxy. When I click the browse button, the system pops up the error: "wdopAutoFtp: Syntax error in parameters or arguments."

I have watched our firewall, and it shows:
2011-03-04 12:19:52 X510-Top Allow 69.x.x.x ftp/tcp 54288 21 1-Trusted 0-Peer1 Allowed 52 127 (FTP-outbound-00)  proc_id="firewall" rc="100" src_ip_nat="64.x.x.x" tcp_info="offset 8 S 1251275590 win 32"      Traffic
(x's added for security)

The internal Windows firewall is disabled.

I have "Write Debug information" enabled, and I have "Write FTP conversation to History". From what I can tell, no FTP conversation takes place. I have a:
Debug: isconnected?
Debug: getting state
Debug: nope, state
Debug: Connecting
Debug: Attempt to connect
Info: Connected
and then it goes on to AutoFTP: enter abort now, and it looks like it stops.

I have other FTP software installed on the same machine and it's able to access the client site without any problems. Help?

- Al

Title: Re: FTP: Syntax error in parameters or aguments.
Post by Gert on Mar 5th, 2011 at 12:32pm
Hello Al,

It is hard to tell what is happening. One thing is sure: this is not a message generated from WD itself: it comes from the FTP server. The problem is, this message (501: Syntax error....) can be a response to any command that is sent by WD to your FTP server.

It looks like WD is able to connect. The first thing WD does after connecting is changing to the directory you have entered. What happens when you leave the base directory empty and press Browse?

Title: Re: FTP: Syntax error in parameters or aguments.
Post by algilson on Mar 5th, 2011 at 1:35pm
If I leave the base directory blank and click browse, it does the same error.

Here's the interesting twist, if I put in our own internal private-side (i.e. 192.168.99.x) FTP server, the system works fine. The browse button works, and I can log in and see the directories. So I know that it has something to do with our firewall.

I guess at this point, I have an idea of where to look -- i.e. the firewall. The question now is why would a dedicated ftp client program on the same machine work fine, and this doesn't? I'll dig around and see what I figure out.

Title: Re: FTP: Syntax error in parameters or aguments.
Post by algilson on Mar 7th, 2011 at 3:31am
Ok, I'm stumped. If I set a firewall rule to allow everything outbound from the watchDirectory server to our client's server, it still fails. I'm not sure that the firewall is the issue. To sum up, I have the Windows firewall turned off, and I allowed an ANY-hole through our external firewall -- allowing all traffic to pass from our server to the client server without any filtering. I still receive the same error. Is there another way to log what is being passed between the two servers?

As another debug method, I've installed a trial version of watchDirectory 4.6.5 on my home machine, Windows 7 Pro, and it throw the exact same error. Help?

- Al

Title: Re: FTP: Syntax error in parameters or aguments.
Post by Gert on Mar 7th, 2011 at 7:54am

I tried with the connection settings you emailed me.
Passive mode fails to connect, Active mode works fine.

Normally Passive is the most compatible connection type. Active causes an inbound connection (from FTP server to FTP client), which most firewalls frown upon.

I tried the same with FileZilla and here is what I get when selecting Passive:
Command:      PASV
Response:      500 PASV exception: 'No available PASV Ports'.
Command:      PORT 192,168,0,101,199,99

So your FTP server fails to allow passive connections (the "500" message comes from the server). FileZilla continues using Active mode which does work.

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