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Message started by Kleptome on Aug 25th, 2016 at 7:33pm

Title: Effective Quiet Monitoring
Post by Kleptome on Aug 25th, 2016 at 7:33pm
I have spent some time reading and experimenting, but have not experienced success in attempting to implement QUIET monitoring on a folder.

The scenario is to monitor a folder for periods of new or no (quiet) activity.  For the first quarter hour (12:00-12:15), monitor for activity (including Quiet) in that 15 min; then the second quarter hour (12:15-12:30), no monitoring; then the third quarter hour (12:30-12:45) monitor for activity or quiet; and then the fourth quarter hour, (12:45-13:00) no monitoring.

For the two monitoring windows (1st and 3rd quarter hours), send an email if there is a NEW or QUIET event.  For the non-monitoring windows, no monitoring and hence no emails for NEW or QUIET events. 

The end effect is to receive two emails per hour indicating if a new file or no file was created for those two time frames.

I have the schedule set up for the two quarter windows being monitored with  'Events outside these periods are ignored' checked and 'Force Schedule' checked.

Events checked are FILENEW and QUIET. Option QUIET is set to 899 seconds and NOT checked 'Just one quiet event'

All other details of the task are pretty straight forward.

The test folder being monitored never has any activity, and i would like to see a QUIET email twice an hour for the two monitoring windows in the hour.

The results are erratic.  It seems like if the 'One Quiet Event' is checked, the only one event for the task run is received.  If it is not checked, then when the task starts, it sees no activity in the last 15 min, fires off an email right away, and then every 15 min after that, one at the beginning of the scheduled window and one at the end.

What more could I look at to have this work?


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