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Message started by allan on Oct 26th, 2017 at 5:27pm

Title: File transmission delay
Post by allan on Oct 26th, 2017 at 5:27pm

I've ran into an issue a few times where a file is written to a folder but WatchDirectory has a delayed reaction to it. 
I current have a Run Multiple Sub Task setup
[list bull-blackball]
  • Fast Method
    [list bull-blackball]
  • Events - FILENEW and FILECNHG
    [list bull-blackball]
  • Run as a Windows Service

    I also have several other tasks setup in the same fashion, all other feeds reacted to the file when it was created.

    How can I further dig into the system to figure out why delay?

    I can't seem to upload images:
    With this file log1.PNG (21 KB) you exceeds the maximum allowed upload-directory volume.

  • Title: Re: File transmission delay
    Post by Gert on Oct 27th, 2017 at 10:07am
    Hello Allan,

    I am not sure what is happening, for that I would like to see your task.

    Can you please:
    Enable "debug"
    Run the task
    Wait until you see the delay again for a file
    Stop the task and email (see below for my email) me a backup. Also tell me the name of the delayed file.
    This blog has all the details:

    I will look into the attachment issue.

    Title: Re: File transmission delay
    Post by allan on Oct 27th, 2017 at 2:28pm
    Hi Gert,

    I did eventually figure out what was happening.  I originally had debug information turned on for 1 sub-task but not the other 3, nor did I have FTP conversation enabled.  Well after I did turn on all of those options I analyzed the log and clearly saw that the issue was on the receiving server, and not ours or Watch Directories issue.

    Basically the final task in my set is configured to move the file to a "processed" folder, the server it was connecting to would stall for 4-5 minutes before timing out which reset the WD task (connect and send file) which worked without timing out.  The side effect of waiting for the timeout meant the folder was accumulating more files to send but had to wait 4-5 minutes for the task to finish and kick off for the new file queued.  If another time-out period occurred, even more files got queued and delayed.

    Ultimately I ended up created four separate tasks which monitored four directories, one for each end-point server.

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