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HowTo... Send an e-mail (Read 3733 times)
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HowTo... Send an e-mail
Jun 14th, 2003 at 3:01am
Note: There is a sample .bat file installed with WatchDirectory (WdAutoEmail.bat)

WatchDirectory has no buildin support to send e-mail.
There are several freeware commandline tools available on the net however...

Just to name one: blat (

The bat-file below assumes you have downloaded blat and it is available in your path.

Furthermore you have told blat the smtp-server and from-name to use (can also be set on the commandline) by entering the following command:
blat -install

You can use the following bat-file to send you the name of new files in a monitored directory:
goto %WD_REASON%

echo A new file arrived in the monitored dir    > "C:\TEMP\%WD_FILE_N%.blat"
echo %WD_FILE%    >> "C:\TEMP\%WD_FILE_N%.blat"

blat "c:\temp\%WD_FILE_N%.blat" -to -subject "new file!"
del "C:\TEMP\%WD_FILE_N%.blat"


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