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Error Code 6 (Read 2492 times)
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Error Code 6
May 18th, 2008 at 7:17am
I am using WD 4.5.2
It is being used mostly for uploading files to an ftp.
It works great most of the time, but occassionally a file will only partially get uploaded, and WD will show in task history Error Code 6: Error Message=No Further Info. watchDirectory will continue.

These are all zip files, and I believe it has something to do with a file name, because I have 100s of files in 2 folders.  They are *different* zip files, but have the same names (ie. exists in both folders, but it's a completely different file).  And it's always that the same file name from each folder won't get uploaded to either ftp (files from one folder go to one ftp, files from the other to another one).  So, I'm thinking that it's either something with file names, or the fact that the same file name from 2 different folders is about to be uploaded at the same time (albeit to 2 different ftps), that maybe confuses WD.

Please help,
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Re: Error Code 6
Reply #1 - May 19th, 2008 at 7:43am
Hello Alex,

By your description (2 different FTP servers), I guess the upload involves 2 (at least) different tasks? In that case it doesn't seem likely that the cause is confusion about 2 files having the same name.
The error-code 6 is returned by the FTP component if a temporary error is returned by the FTP server, normally one of these:

11002: // host not found
10065: // host unreachable
10064: // host down
10061: // connection refused (ftp srv not running)
10060: // timeout
10050: // network down
10051: // network unreachable
10053: // connection abort
10054: // Connection reset by peer
30029: // Component was busy while disconnected by the server.

In these cases, the task will wait a while (30 seconds) and try again. On the FTP settings window, there is an option to write all FTP messages to the history ("Write FTP
conversation to History"), can you enable that option?

After the problem occurs again:
stop the task
right-click it
select the "backup task" option to create a ZIP of your settings and history
email me the ZIP so I can have a look

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