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Ignored Folders not being ignored (Read 2765 times)
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Ignored Folders not being ignored
May 28th, 2008 at 12:05pm

recently I have discovered that a folder that is being monitored is throwing out some duff information and causing my results to be incorrect. Due to this, I added the folder and sub folder to be ignored. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to have worked and all of the results are still showing the ignored folder.

This is a part of the combined E-mail - the strange thig is, the file still exists and hasn't been deleted!!!
... combined email message ...
On 28/05/2008 10:54:09 the following happened: Deleted File: \\beudc1del02\Rez\xmtera\Download\XMTUKL20080126110333.REZ

On 28/05/2008 10:54:10 the following happened: Deleted File: \\beudc1del02\Rez\xmtera\Download\XMTUKL20080126092403.REZ

On 28/05/2008 10:54:12 the following happened: Deleted File: \\beudc1del02\Rez\xmtera\Download\XMTUKL20080126085332.REZ

I am running the following version

watchDirectory Professional 4.5.2
Key Created 2007-10-27 (yyyy-mm-dd)

Installed components:
GdP Software gdpUtil
History Application
GdP Software wdAnnotate
wdcc v4
GdP Software wdRun
wdSupport Dynamic Link Library
wdopAuditInfo Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoCopy Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoDelete Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoEmail Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoFtp Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoHtml Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoLaunch Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoRename Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoRunBat Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoSort Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoThumb Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoUnzip Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoWav Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoZip watchDirectory Plugin
wdopFolderSize Dynamic Link Library

Thank you

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Re: Ignored Folders not being ignored
Reply #1 - May 28th, 2008 at 12:35pm
Mmm, never heard of that one before. I looked at your settings, and it seems to me those files should have been ignored - I need to do some testing.
The only "strange thing" with your settings of "exclude subfolders" is this, you now have:

[x] \\beudc1del02\Rez\xmtera
[x] \\beudc1del02\Rez\xmtera\Archive
[x] \\beudc1del02\Rez\xmtera\Download
[x] \\beudc1del02\Rez\xmtera\DownloadErrors
[x] \\beudc1del02\Rez\xmtera\Upload
[x] \\beudc1del02\Rez\xmtera\UploadErrors

As you have a checkmark ([x]) before \\beudc1del02\Rez\xmtera, it will automatically exclude its subdirectories as well. No need for the other 5 directories.
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