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Zip task sometimes ignores directory changes (Read 2323 times)
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Zip task sometimes ignores directory changes
Jun 18th, 2008 at 3:26am
I save files to a monitored local directory using an Excel macro and sometimes the zip task fails to create a zipped version of the file in the target network directory.  I am creating hundreds of files and it appears that the zip task is buffering the requests.  Does it sometimes overload and skip a change if it gets multiple changes to the same directory within a few seconds?  Currently I cannot rely on the task to always create the zipped files.  I have to constantly check it to make sure.  The macro runs for about 48 hours and creates about 1000 files.
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Re: Zip task sometimes ignores directory changes
Reply #1 - Jun 18th, 2008 at 12:46pm

It is hard to tell what is happening without seeing your settings or the history database.

Can you please do the following:
* Stop the task
* Double-click it to change its settings
* On the "Other..." window, make sure the option "Write Debug Info is "on"
* Start the task again

After you know for sure the file hello.txt (just an example) is not processed by WatchDirectory, do the following:
* Right click the task
* Select "View History" on the menu that appears
This opens the history-viewer with all messages from the task. The initial window that opens, shows you messages for the "Run" itself, not interesting unless there are error-messages listed. The toolbar has a button labeled D (for "D"ebug messages, make sure it is pressed.

Now double-click any of the first few lines. The next window will open, listing all the detected files. If there are many, use CTRL+F (or File -> Find) to search for the file that was not detected (hello.txt). If that file *is* present, it means WatchDirectory *did* detect the new/changed file. Double-click the line of the file to see messages that are written by the Zip Task when it was processing this file.


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