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Compress Files older than certain Age (Read 4271 times)
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Compress Files older than certain Age
Nov 11th, 2009 at 7:06pm
It doesn't appear that compressing files older than a certain age is working properly.  Here is my configuration:
1.  Plugin:  Automatically Zip Files
2.  Enabled:  Place the Zip Files in a Corresponding Subdirectory; Create Zips for complete directories, not individual files; and Add files to existing Zip (uncheck will overwrite zips) and REMOVE FILES AFTER ZIP
3.  Directory to watch has enabled "Also monitor sub directories"
4.  Monitoring Method uses "File Age" and trigger for files older than 7 days.  Calculate age using "The Latest of Creation/Modified".  Directories ARE IN no adjustment to timestamp is needed.  
5.  Events:  FILENEW and QUIET (20 seconds)

Using these settings, it appears that regardless of the File Age, it is being added to the compressed folder and then removed from the monitored directory.  As a test, I added a new file to the monitored directory with a current create date and it was subsequently added to the zip file and then removed from the Monitored Directory even though it wasn't older than 7 days.

Am I missing something in my configuration or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Compress Files older than certain Age
Reply #1 - Nov 12th, 2009 at 12:19pm

The option "Create zips for complete directories" causes this.
When a new file is created (or reaches its "age" as in your case), this will trigger a full directory ZIP.

If you only want to compress files that are old enough, you should not enable "Create zips for complete dirs" and you must make sure they will go to the same zip file, for example, if you enter

Then the file C:\Monitor\subdir\hello.txt and C:\Monitor\subdir\another.txt will be compressed to
when they are old enough.

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