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Errors in Windows application logs (Read 2675 times)
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Errors in Windows application logs
Aug 17th, 2010 at 11:12pm
I am getting ,000's of these error notifications for my auto zip tasks in WD4. The error description is: "database error: insert into wdevents (run_id, code, dtevent, filename, filenameori) values (?,?,?,?,?)
SQL logic error or missing database"

Can anyone tell me what is happening?

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Re: Errors in Windows application logs
Reply #1 - Aug 18th, 2010 at 7:30am
Hello Marc,

It looks like your history database for this task is corrupt or the disk where those databases are stored is running out of space. Perhaps also a good idea to run a CHKDSK on the disk.

If you select the menu-option "tools -> explore task directory", Windows Explorer will open in your task directory. This directory has a sub-directory for each of your tasks. Those sub-directories contain the history.db files.

Can you check those files (for the tasks that give you errors) to see if they are really huge (more than a few 10ns of megabytes)?

If you find a huge database, check if this task is using the "File Age" monitoring method. If it is, please read this blogpost:
(about the option "Remember triggered files").

To Reset a History Database
If the above doesn't help, the history.db is probably corrupt. This can happen when the computer crashed "at the wrong moment". We need to replace the database with an empty db. Below I assume your task is called CORRUPT, change as needed.

* stop the CORRUPT task
* create a new task called HELLO (it doesn't matter what it does) - do NOT copy an existing task - do NOT start the task
* tools -> explore task directory
* goto the sub-directory called CORRUPT
* remove all files that have "history" in their name
* goto the sub-directory HELLO and copy its history.db file to the CORRUPT directory
* in the WD Control Center you can now delete the HELLO task


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