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Unexpected FILENEW event behaviour (Read 840 times)
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Unexpected FILENEW event behaviour
Oct 26th, 2015 at 4:20pm
Please can you give me some clarification on how WatchDirectory detects when a FILENEW event has occurred.

I ask the question as I observed an unexpected behavior of WatchDirectory during some testing we did last week.

The task was monitoring a large folder (~4,500 subfolders and ~ 60,000 files), for FILENEW events.

Test one involved starting the task with the ‘Fire FILENEW…’ option checked in the ‘Other’ tab.

This task then proceeded to run a batch file for all of the ~60,000 files in the monitored folder (as expected) which took about 8 hours to complete.

I then stopped the task and unchecked the ‘Fire FILENEW…’ option in the ‘Other’ tab.

I then realized that I needed to grant the ability to modify files to a particular Active Directory group that had access to the monitored folder. This I did. The new security setting was applied to all of the subfolders of the monitored folder.

For test 2, I then started the task and created a new file in the monitored folder. WatchDirectory did not seem to detect this new file.

After much investigation, I realized that the reason for this was that WatchDirectory had been busy re-processing all of the ~60,000 files in the monitored folder. The task took about 30 minutes (after the task was started) to start posting events to the history database so the ‘task busyness’ was not immediately obvious.

Am I right that the act of changing the security settings for the monitored folder resulted in WatchDirectory detecting all the files (again) with the FILENEW event?

Please advise,

Many thanks,

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Re: Unexpected FILENEW event behaviour
Reply #1 - Oct 27th, 2015 at 6:35am
Hello Tony,

That sounds strange indeed. Can you send (email!) me a backup of this task so I can have a look? See
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