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Sort Files job stops monitoring source folder (Read 1050 times)
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Sort Files job stops monitoring source folder
Feb 2nd, 2016 at 10:07pm
I have an Automatically Sort Files task setup to monitor a UNC fileshare for xml files and route them each to 2 different places. On a pretty regular basis, the job seems to stop monitoring for files in the source directory.  There is no error or indicative debug info in the history db.   it just doesn't seem to recognize the addition of the new files after a certain point.  It is using the Default monitoring method.  Is it not receiving 'notifications' from that network drive as the Polling method hint seems to indicate is possible?  should i change to the Polling method to resolve?  upgrade to 4.9.3? 

It is a reasonably consistent time of day though (sometime between 2230 and 2330 CST - Chicago), which seems to indicate an external influence, but without any error info I can't figure it out.

Version info below.

watchDirectory Professional 4.6.7
Key Created 2012-01-18 (yyyy-mm-dd)

Installed components:
GdP Software gdpUtil
History Application

GdP Software wdAnnotate
wdcc v4
GdP Software wdRun
wdSupport Dynamic Link Library
wdopAuditInfo Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoCopy Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoDelete Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoEmail Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoFtp Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoHtml Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoLaunch Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoRename Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoRunBat Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoSort Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoThumb Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoUnzip Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoWav Dynamic Link Library
wdopAutoZip watchDirectory Plugin
wdopFolderSize Dynamic Link Library
wdopMultiPlugin Dynamic Link Library
wdopRemoveOldest Dynamic Link Library
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Re: Sort Files job stops monitoring source folder
Reply #1 - Feb 3rd, 2016 at 7:22am

The "Default" and "Fast" monitoring methods rely on notifications sent by Windows to your task. When you monitor a network share, those methods rely on
- Windows where WD itself is running
- The network
- Operating system where the monitored unc is
If there is a "glitch" somewhere, it may well be the task is not getting any notifications anymore.

The Polling and File Age monitoring methods do not rely on those notifications and should work fine in this case.
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