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Fairly complex request with multiple folders (Read 881 times)
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Fairly complex request with multiple folders
Mar 3rd, 2016 at 3:59pm
Just downloaded the pro evaluation version and looking to replace and existing application that is no longer supported.

So we have some approx. 14 folders that need monitoring:

Location 1
Location 2
Location 3

Files will get dropped into those folders from another service.

I would like to poll those folders every 20 mins.

When new files are found, I need them to be zipped and emailed.

The reason they need to be zipped, is that one directory could contain upto 255 1kb .txt files and if they are not zipped, exchange will reject the email.

So far so good......

So dependant on which folder is zipped and ready for emailing, I then need that email to be sent to upto a maximum of 8 recipients.

I understand that I would need to use the "Auto Zip" plugin, but its going to get complex having to zip to a temp directory and then another task to monitors the zips target folder, especially with all the source folders I want to run.

Would it be possible to get an "Email Plugin" that will automatically zip files.

Any advice would be very much welcome.
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Re: Fairly complex request with multiple folders
Reply #1 - Mar 4th, 2016 at 11:28am
I assume here all those folders to be monitored share a single parent directory, e.g.

You create one task monitoring C:\Parent incl subdirectories using the Zip files plugin.
Use this for the target: C:\Zips\{parentdir}\
this uses "{dynamic naming}" and the {parentdir} tag will be replaced by the "parent directory" of the detected file. So the zip will be named C:\Zips\Daily\

Set the options
Create zips for complete directories
Remove files after being zipped
Add files to existing zip

Create one task using the email plugin, let it monitor C:\Zips including subdirectories, attach detected file and "delete after emailing".

Inside "Send email to", do NOT enter an email address, but enter

This is the name of a file with email addresses.

Inside c:\Zips\Daily create a file called email.txt with the following contents:

and likewise in the other subdirectories with different recipients.
See for more info ("Flexible Address File Location").

So I guess your requirements can be met with only 2 tasks.

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Gert Rijs - gert (at) gdpsoftware (dot) com
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Re: Fairly complex request with multiple folders
Reply #2 - Mar 4th, 2016 at 12:40pm
Thanks Gert,

that is a superb response and gives me a lot more understanding and flexibility of the application.

Will set this up this afternoon and let you know how it goes

Once again thanks

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