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Is it possible ... (Read 848 times)
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Is it possible ...
May 24th, 2016 at 3:59pm

I'm afraid I'm being lazy and trying to avoid having to read through everything.

I'm looking for something which will look for an audio file type and which will then transfer to a program where it will be converted. I then want that new file type transferred to another folder where it will be processed. I then need the processed result to be sent off as an attachment by email.

Will the WatchDirectory program do that?

I'm actually talking about the Olympus dictation management program. It will import files from an email inbox, but it won't convert them to the format I need. I need to convert them to the format so that they can be automatically transcribed. After they have been transcribed, the Olympus program won't immediately email them. I need a program which will take those files and attach them to an email and send them to a certain email address.

Sorry if I'm not making myself clear – but anyway, I'm wondering if your program would be able to handle this.

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Re: Is it possible ...
Reply #1 - May 24th, 2016 at 6:11pm
Yes, that should be possible.

Let your Olympus software create the files in C:\Folder-1

Let WatchDirectory monitor C:\Folder-1 for new files and use "Run a program" ( ) or "Run batch script" ( ) to start your program that converts the audio. Let the converter create those files in C:\Folder-2

Create another WatchDirectory task monitoring C:\Folder-2 using the email plugin:

I trust you know a program you can use to convert the audio.
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