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Copy Single File and take next one after x minutes (Read 486 times)
Lars Gaede
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Copy Single File and take next one after x minutes
Jul 27th, 2017 at 10:58am
Hey there,

we are using watch directory 4.9.5.

I am just missing an Plugin or Option or maybe just missing the way how to do it.

I want to copy only one file to a destination folder, and take the next one after a period of 5 minutes. I can not find an option on how to do it or a way to archive this goal.

The problem is, incoming files are in a period of 1 minute. After that it will copy it to the destination folder where another task of another program takes over. It is just simply not possible to have the files copied there in one single task, because then the other program will take all the files and chooses to end itself by an error.

I could copy to the folder, I could have a temp folder in between and delete everything and leave one file and copy again, but this is difficult to be honest.

Maybe I am just missing an option
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The Netherlands
Re: Copy Single File and take next one after x minutes
Reply #1 - Aug 3rd, 2017 at 7:48am
Not sure if I completely understand, but it sounds like you want a 60 second delay after each copy?

Create a new task using the "Run multiple subtasks" plugin, see

As the first subtask, import your current "copy files" task (later, when this new task works the way you want you can delete your original "copy files" task).
As the second subtask use "Run any program" -
let this subtask start "C:\Program Files (x86)\WatchDirectory\gdputil.exe" with the parameters -sleep 60. Set the option "wait for program to exit", let it wait (at least) 60 seconds. Do not use the "extra delay" option.

On the subtask plugin itself set "how to run" to "Run all subtasks".
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