Free Add-On for watchDirectory Professional

wdNotify is a free Add-On for watchDirectory Professional.

It also works while you evaluate watchDirectory, but will not function if you run watchDirectory Standard.
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This is an optional addition for watchDirectory customers that runs minimized in your system tray (the area with the windows clock). It can give you visual and audible alerts for file system events detected by one or more watchDirectory tasks on the local computer.

wdNotify is not included in the regular watchDirectory download, so if you want to use it, Download wdNotify here (~ 400kb).

wdNotify is only compatible with older versions of Windows. Windows-Vista and newer are not supported anymore.

Configure watchDirectory

Enable wdNotify

Note: you need watchDirectory version 4.5.5 or higher. Download the latest watchDirectory release. All 4.x versions are free if you have purchased (an upgrade to) watchDirectory 4. See the upgrade to watchDirectory version 4 page if you are running version 3 or lower.

Edit the task(s) that must send messages to wdNotify, and navigate to the Other Options page. The last option on that page is used to enable wdNotify for the task.

Configure wdNotify

Configure wdNotify

After wdNotify starts, right-click its icon in the system tray and select the "Options" menu-item.

Show Balloon tips
For every event (new file, deleted file etcetera) detected by the watchDirectory tasks, a "balloon tip" will pop up. This balloon shows you the last few events. See "Running wdNotify" below for an example balloon tip.

Enable OSD
You can also enable On Screen Display. This will "paint" the messages in one of the corners of your screen without interrupting your work.

How many messages to keep
Select how much "history" should be available when you open the wdNotify messages window.

Animate tray icon when active
WatchDirectory sends a message when it starts processing a file, and also when it is done processing the file. For example, if you enable wdNotify for a task that uses the Automatically Upload files plugin, watchDirectory sends a message before and after the upload.
If you want wdNotify to animate the tray icon while this upload is in progress, select this option.

Popup when a new message is received
Select this option if you want the messages window to automatically show when a new message is received (a file is processed by watchDirectory).

Play this sound when a message is received
You can also select a .WAV file to play when a message is received (a file is processed by watchDirectory).

Running wdNotify

balloon tips

The wdNotify installer has placed a link to wdNotify in your "Windows Startup Group" so it will automatically run when you login to Windows.

Balloon tips
Every time a watchDirectory task sends a message (a new file is processed) an optional Balloon tip pops up from your System Tray. This Balloon shows the last few "events", prefixed with the task-name ("dynamic" in the example Balloon).
Press the "X" in the upper right corner to dismiss the Balloon. The Balloon tip will automatically disappear after a few seconds if you do not dismiss it yourself.

The messages window The watchDirectory Messages Window
When you double-click the wdNotify icon, the watchDirectory Messages window will popup. It shows you the last messages that were sent to wdNotify. This window automatically refreshes when new messages arrive. If there is a long period of no activity, you can press the "Refresh" button to update the Time column.

The "Ready?" column shows the status of file processing. For the earlier file upload example, this column shows "No" for files that are currently being uploaded.

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