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Current version 4.9.5

Standard edition $79 (US Dollar)
Professional edition $149 (US Dollar)
Volume discounts available


Or download the 30 day evaluation version of watchDirectory (~10 MB)

platforms Windows® XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8

Supports Windows 7/8/10/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022 watchDirectory is designed to run on Microsoft© Windows® XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8

Download the Evaluation version
Evaluate watchDirectory free for 30 days. The evaluation version is fully functional, only limited in time. The evaluation version functions as the Professional Edition. Please Contact us if you need more time to evaluate.

Free Add-On for watchDirectory Professional
wdNotify runs minimized in your System Tray and alerts you for file system events detected by your watchDirectory tasks.
Free for our watchDirectory Professional customers.

Introducing Wx Remote
Remote Control of your Tasks Use the Wx Remote Control Center to start and stop your WatchDirectory and WatchFTP tasks from one central location.

Your Security Your Security

How to install Installing

WatchDirectory contains NO spyware!

Some Windows versions have features to warn you about downloading or opening files which might have been altered.
When you are downloading GdP Software products from this website no such risk arises, since no other party has had any opportunity to change them.

Digitally signed for your protection! Furthermore, we digitally sign our executables. You can check the properties of our programs to verify the digital signature is intact.

Our Privacy Statement.

While you are downloading While you are downloading

While you are downloading watchDirectory, remember:

We are Here To Help You!! Discover our excellent customer service!

Are you wondering whether watchDirectory can do the job?
Are you having trouble configuring watchDirectory?
Are you just finding out that you need that bit extra for watchDirectory to do the job?

contact us!!!

Installing watchDirectory

  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Run setup.exe
  • No need to reboot, ready to run!

Uninstalling watchDirectory (if you decide you have no need for this program)

  • Add/Remove program does the job (an item in your start menu).
  • Our programs never overwrite existing files on your computer.

Upgrading watchDirectory
Normally, there is no need to uninstall your previous version. If an uninstall is required this will be noted in the upgrade notice we send to you.

Upgrading from a previous version? Upgrading from a previous version?

Please note that customers will need a new key to upgrade to version 4.
See the upgrade page for information how to upgrade.

If you previously purchased (an upgrade to) watchDirectory version 4, just install this new version over your current version 4. You won't lose your tasks and settings.

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