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Make sure you are running the latest release

Current version 4.9.5

Standard edition $79 (US Dollar)
Professional edition $149 (US Dollar)
Volume discounts available


Or download the 30 day evaluation version of watchDirectory (~10 MB)

platforms Windows® XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/10/2012/2016

Please make sure you are running a current version of watchDirectory. The key you have received only works with version 4 (and all sub versions like 4.0, 4.1... 4.99). You can check what version you are currently running by selecting the "Help -> About" menu option.

If you want to install a later 4.x version:

  • Download the latest version from this website
  • Stop all your running tasks, stop the watchDirectory Control Center
  • Install the new version, make sure it installs "on top" of your old version, so you will keep all your settings and defined tasks

Enter the CORRECT name and key

The email you received contains the name and key you must enter. The name you enter must be exactly as printed in the email. So, even if your first name is "Johny" (one "n"), you must enter it the exact same way it is printed in the email ("Johnny" in the example).
The "key" (the blue line in the picture) must also be entered "as is", but see "copy/paste not working" below if it is rejected by watchDirectory.

Copy/Paste not working?

Depending on your email client, sometimes the instructions to copy the entire email to the clipboard and then pasting into the "enter key" dialog will not work.
If you receive a message that the clipboard does not appear to have a valid key on it, please copy/paste the 2 lines separately. The "key" line can be rather long and if it wraps to the next line, make sure you enter it without the linefeed or extra spaces.

Overwrite an existing key

If you want to change the key that is currently installed you will find that the menu option to enter the key is gone. In that case you have 2 options to enter the key.

  1. Force the watchDirectory Control Center to show the menu again.
    • Stop all your tasks
    • Stop the watchDirectory Control Center
    • Press and hold the CTRL and SHIFT keys while you start the watchDirectory Control Center
    • The "Buy" menu (with the "Enter Key" option inside it) should be available again
  2. Enter the key using a command line
    • Stop all your tasks
    • Stop the watchDirectory Control Center
    • Open the Windows Start Menu, select "Run..."
    • Enter the following command:
      "C:\Program Files\watchDirectory\wdcc.exe" REGISTER
      Make sure to include the "quotes" as shown. This will show a different window where you can overwrite the currently installed key.

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