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half sized icons
(the 4.0.44 release moved this option to the View -> Options menu)

We have just released the 4.0.43 version of watchDirectory. This release contains mostly (small) bug fixes, but there are some new features.

The 4.0.43 release fixes one major problem for those of you that run multiple tasks on one computer. These tasks could interfere with each other, causing severe delays in event handling. I advise you to upgrade to this release.

There is also a new option inside the watchDirectory Control Center that allows you to show the icons on toolbars half-size. Choose the menu "View -> Toolbars -> Use small icons on toolbars" to activate small icons.

Furthermore the Auto Sort plugin has been enhanced. You can now (temporarily) disable sort rules and also copy rules.

Finally the thumbnail plugin can now create PNG and GIF thumbnails in addition to JPG.

Please see the version history for a list of all changes.

New in Beta: Web reporting for watchDirectory

We have a new program, called wdReporter, available for downloading. The wdReporter program can be configured to automatically create html reports of all your watchDirectory tasks. These reports show you the running/not running state of the tasks and also list the last "X" processed files. You can create a new task that automatically uploads these reports to your webserver, so you can view the status of watchDirectory remotely.

The wdReporter program is currently in "beta", we invite you to give it a try.

Download it from our beta forum.

New in Beta: Automatically run VBS scripts

For those of you that want to run Visual Basic Scripts, instead of .bat files, there is a new plugin available on our beta forum. It includes an example "skeleton" VBS file that has all the startup code to get the environment variables from watchDirectory (the filename etcetera) and includes a function to write to the task history database.

If you want to give it a try, download it from our beta forum.

Until next time,

Gert Rijs
Developer & Support guru

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