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Just released: watchDirectory version 4.0.45

Version 4.0.45 includes a new plugin and a free add-on program for watchDirectory Professional. This release of the email-plugin also adds the (often requested) ability to combine multiple emails. The Professional edition can now be password protected. Use the "File -> Password Protect" menu in the watchDirectory Control Center to enable password protection. With password protection enabled, the Control Center will prompt you for a password every time you start it.

For an overview of all changes, please visit the version history page.

New plugin: Automatically Play Sound Files

The new release includes a plugin that plays a WAV sound file when it detects a new file in a monitored directory.

New: wdNotify, tray bar notifications of watchDirectory events

wdNotify balloon tip

We have a free add-on program called wdNotify for owners of watchDirectory Professional. This program can be installed into your Windows Startup and it runs "invisible" in your system tray (next to the standard Windows clock). If you configure your tasks to send messages to wdNotify, it can alert you in various ways when there is file system activity detected. For example, it can (all configurable):

  • play a sound file
  • show a "balloon" tool tip with the last few messages
  • show a window with the last 100 events (new files, deleted files etcetera)
  • "animate" its icon while watchDirectory is processing a file

Read more about (and download) this program here. Remember, you need the current (4.0.45 or later) version of watchDirectory to use this add-on.

Tip: Change the font of console windows and change the country settings

You may have noticed that the command window of watchDirectory doesn't properly support special characters (like , etc.). We can not change this during the install of watchDirectory, but if you want your country specific characters to display properly, here is what you do:

  • Start one of your watchDirectory tasks so its console window will show.
  • Right click the window titlebar, and choose Properties.
  • Choose the "Font" tab, and select "Lucida Console" as the font to use.
  • Click "OK", and select "Save properties for future windows with the same title"

From now on, special characters should display properly for this task.

The dynamic naming option of several plugins has been enhanced so it uses the weekday- and month-names used in your country. Furthermore, dates inside the Task History viewer will be formatted according to the rules of your country. Use the "View -> Options" menu to set your preferred country code.

ZoomSearch: something for your web site?

If you have visited our website recently, you may have noticed we added a Search option. When you download the latest version of watchDirectory you will see our online help (press F1) also includes a Search page. Both search engines are created using Zoom Search from WrenSoft. The website engine is PHP based (ASP and CGI are also possible), the online help engine is JavaScript based. They have a free version for non-commercial (small) sites, and their paid versions are very reasonably priced.
Give it a try, it's fantastic!

Until next time,
Gert Rijs,
Developer & Support guru

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