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Just released: watchDirectory version 4.0.47

For an overview of all changes, please visit the version history page. To download the new version, visit our download page.

Remember that all 4.x versions of watchDirectory are free for our customers. Just download the latest version from our website and install it "on top" of your current version 4 install. This will keep all your task definitions in tact

How to Change the location of your task directory

A question that is sometimes asked is "how can I change the directory where watchDirectory stores its configuration files" (task definitions). This is the directory that is opened when you press CTRL+9 (or "Tools -> Explore Task Directory") inside the watchDirectory Control Center, normally

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\watchDirectory

When you run watchDirectory the first time, it asks you for your preferred directory, after that, there is no easy way to change it. Obviously, there is the "not so easy way"....

First, stop all watchDirectory tasks:

  • press CTRL+A inside the Control Center to select all tasks
  • press (and hold) CTRL+SHIFT (this will enable the stop button, even if some of the selected tasks are not running)
  • click the red Stop button, or choose "File -> Stop"
  • Now, stop the wdPostman program ("View -> Email -> Stop the wdPostman service")

Press CTRL+9 to open Windows Explorer in your current Task Directory. Create a ZIP of this directory, including all sub-directories. Create the new directory where you want to store your watchDirectory settings, and unzip the file from the previous step here (make sure to retain all directory info).

Now you need to tell watchDirectory to use this new directory:

  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+9 (undocumented until now), that will explore the directory where watchDirectory is installed (normally C:\Program Files\watchDirectory)
  • Open the file watchDirectory.ini using a plain-text editor (notepad).
  • change the line that says
    configdirectory=C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\watchDirectory\
    so it "points" to the new directory (make sure the line ends with a backslash).
  • Stop the watchDirectory Control Center
  • Start it again. You should see all your tasks. Press CTRL+9 to verify the new directory is opened as the task-directory.

The same procedure as above can be followed if you want to "copy" your tasks to another computer.

Until next time,
Gert Rijs,
Developer & Support guru

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