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Just released: watchDirectory version 4.1!!!!
More than 1 year of free updates for our customers

For an overview of all changes, please visit the version history page. To download the new version, visit our download page.

Remember that all 4.x versions of watchDirectory are free for our customers. Just download the latest version from our website and install it "on top" of your current version 4 install. This will keep all your task definitions in tact

File Age monitoring

The File Age monitoring method

The new 4.1 version of watchDirectory has many improvements. The most significant improvement is a new monitoring method, only available in the Professional edition, that can start your task when a file has reached a certain "age". Use this new monitoring method together with the email plugin to send warnings after a few days when "John forgot to process the file". Another scenario would be to automatically delete log-files older than 30 days.
More information is available in the online help.

"Files that trigger events" replaced by "Filter events"

Previous versions of watchDirectory had limited support to configure the types of files/directories it should run your task for. The new 4.1 release has made major improvements in this area. You can create "filters" that are matched against the detected files, and each filter can tell watchDirectory to either process or ignore the event. Your current "Files that trigger events" settings will be automatically converted to the new "Filter Events" syntax when you first edit your task.
More information available here

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