March 2007 March 2007 issue

wdNotify version 1.2

This new wdNotify version has "On Screen Display" (OSD) support. You have probably seen it before when you change the sound volume of your computer. OSD "paints" its messages on your desktop without "stealing" the focus from what you are currently doing. wdNotify is a free add-on for watchDirectory Professional.

See the wdNotify page for more information and the download link.

Tip: One email task, instead of hundreds

Often when communicating with clients who use the email plugin, I see they have a lot of email tasks. These tasks are all basically the same, except for the monitored directory and the receiver of the email message. If all the monitored directories of these tasks have the same parent directory, there is no need to create multiple tasks.

Email Settings

Just create one task that monitors the parent directory including subdirectories. In each subdirectory place a file called "email.txt" containing the recipient(s) for that directory, for example "TO:Help Desk<>". In the email settings for the new task, enter "@@email.txt". When the email task detects a new file, it will read the recipients from the email.txt found in the same directory as the file.

Another approach you can take is to use the name of the directory as the receiver. When you monitor C:\Monitored and the new file C:\Monitored\Sub1\Sub2\Sub3\file.txt is detected:
"TO:<>" will send the email to (the name of the directory where the file is detected)
"TO:<>" will send the email to (first directory "part" after the monitored directory).

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