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When GdP Software asked dictationstore.com to provide a review/testimonial to watchdirectory we were honored! I do not think they have any idea what they have done for our company and product(s): dictationstore.com, mytranscribe™ and mydigital-voice

Watchdirectory has saved dictationstore.com, Inc. thousands of dollars in development costs. As developers of transcription and dictation ASP web solutions, we needed a way to provide multiple automated back-end processes for each one of our customers. When we looked at the costs to code these processes into our application(s) it was outrageous - and what if the customer needed something changed?

dictationstore.com needed a "rock-solid" fluid solution for file manipulation, process execution and workflow. In fact, our product development was halted until we found watchdirectory. While many things could be done by brute force it wasn't an elegant solution. Watchdirectory has revolutionized what file services we can provide our customers.

For example: When a file arrives in directory "A", encrypt it using program "B" and FTP it to location "C"; if the FTP process fails send an email to xxx@ somewhere.com, if the FTP was successful move the file to directory "D"

This sounds simple until you have the need for 45 variations of these different processes running for one customer.

With watchdirectory we have now been able to automate over 132 different monitoring scenarios on one server alone - all without "hard-coding" a thing. If a customer needs a change, it is a simple process to modify the watchdirectory profile to do what we want, when we want. Precise control. Precise actions. Precise results.

Reliability was another thing - we needed something that didn't crash, use a lot of memory or processor time, and would be RELIABLE. During our "torture" testing of watchdirectory we had over 50 directories monitored for files changes and additions and dropped over 2,000 files into each directory without stopping. Watchdirectory didn't even flinch, it executed all 50 processes for each of the 2,000 files methodically - just like we told it to.

If you have ANY need for directory/file monitoring, process execution, file manipulation and automation of these items, I can wholeheartedly recommend watchdirectory. It will more than likely complete your task(s) in the most reliable method we have seen.

If you would like a personal reference please feel free to email me: scott.stuckey "at" dictationstore.com.

I will be glad to correspond more about our watchdirectory experience!

Scott Stuckey
ASP Product Manager
dictationstore.com, Inc.

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