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We are a small company with 20 employees. Some of our daily work is performed automatically. We used to have a small program that should watch a certain directory and perform an action whenever somethingáhappened inside the directory. Mostátimeáof day I spend by watching those directories because the program didn't work really well!

But then we found WatchDirectory! With its wide range of possibilities inside the program we were able to optimizeáouráwork in aáway we didn't expect at all. Since we use watchDirectory we were able to automate more jobs than we ever thought. Watching a directory by hand now belongs to the past!

We use watchDirectoryáforádifferent tasks:

I think we didn't reach the optimum use of watchDirectory yet - in the future we will surely useáall the other feature's implemented in watchDirectory.

I also want to thank Gert for his great support! Whenever I encountered a problem, or a thing that might be aábug (yet I wasn't able to find even one) I always got quick and qualifiedáanswers! The fact that watchDirectory is still being developed onámadeáit an investmentáfor the future!

Gert keep on working like you are now doing and I'm sure that we will stay content customers for a long period of time!

Daniel Gau▀mann,
IT Services
KunststoffWeb GmbH
Plast Europe
Bad Homburg

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