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WatchDirectory is a program that monitors (watches) folders on Windows computers. When a change inside the monitored directory is detected, watchDirectory starts the task you have configured for this event. Tasks are performed by running a plugin. An example of a task would be copying the new file to another directory.

WatchDirectory has several plugins for common operations, such as email, FTP and ZIP. There is also a special plugin that can start a .bat file script giving you a 100% flexibility.

The picture below shows the main screen of the Control Center. There are three tasks configured, but only one of them is running indicated by the green arrow.

The watchDirectory Control Center

Getting Started

Start by Creating a New Task,

New Plugins

If the current plugins are not suitable for you, please contact us. We are always looking for ideas for new plugins. If we think your suggested plugin is helpful for more people, we will create it free of charge.