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watchDirectory Email Settings

Configure Email Settings

For watchDirectory to be able to send email, it needs to know how it can connect to your SMTP server. You configure it here on this screen.

The wdPostMan program
The wdPostMan program is a standalone program that is responsible for actually sending the email messages. The primary benefit of this being done by a separate program is that watchDirectory itself does not need to be running to be able to send messages. Also the logic to retry sending messages after delivery failures is better handled by this program.

Connection settings

The top half of the screen allows you to enter the name and port of your SMTP server, the authentication protocol and the userid / password for connecting to your SMTP server.
Press the Test button to send a test message using these settings.

Other settings

On the bottom half of the screen you configure how the wdPostMan program should deliver mail and what it should do after sending mail.

Append the contents of this file to all outgoing email
You can add the contents of a (plain text) file to all email. You can for example use this to add a standard disclaimer to all email.

Pause between messages
If you are not using your own SMTP server, your ISP may limit the number of emails you can send during the day. Also, some ISPs allow only a certain number of messages per minute or hour as a SPAM prevention. Select one of the "pause" options to slow down sending messages by the wdPostMan program.

Reconnect between messages
If you set the Pause fairly high, it may be necessary to reconnect to your SMTP server.

After sending messages
What should the wdPostMan program do after sending a message? It can delete the message or store it inside the Sent folder of your mail directory.
If the messages are stored in the Sent folder, you can configure when they should be automatically deleted.

When sending fails
What should the wdPostMan program do when it can not send the message (mailserver down)? It can either delete the message or store it inside the Fail folder of your mail directory.
If the messages are stored in the Fail folder, you can configure when they should be automatically deleted.

Retry failed messages
If you allow failed messages to be stored inside the Fail folder, the wdPostMan program can automatically retry to send them. Choose between "retry every hour" and "when another message is sent ok". The wdPostMan program will retry the message 3 times before it permanently fails.

Filter Email
This opens a new window where you can enter filters for the message subject and body. When the wdPostMan program is about to send a message, it will check for these filters. If a message contains one or more strings that match a filter, the message will be discarded.