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Using groups with watchDirectory

The purpose of Groups

When you create a task, you can configure the groups the task belongs to. Groups allow you to "filter" which tasks will show inside the watchDirectory Control Center. This can be very helpful if you have a lot of tasks.
For example, if you have 5 tasks that create thumbnails and 5 other tasks that automatically copy those thumbnails to a backup location you could create 2 groups, one called "thumbnails", and one called "copythumbnails". Select the "thumbnails" group to see all your thumbnail tasks, or select the "copythumbnails" group for the other tasks.
Alternatively, you can also create 5 groups and add one "thumbnail" and one "copy" task to each group.

Creating Groups

You create a new group by pressing the "New" button on the Name and Description page of your task. The newly created group is automatically selected for this task.

Showing tasks belonging to a Group

Select the groups you want to show

Use the "View -> Groups" menu (keyboard shortcut Ctrl+G), to select the group(s) you want to see and work with inside the Control Center. Tasks that do not belong to any group will always show.

If you select all groups or no groups at all, the effect is the same: The Control Center will show all tasks.

status bar showing hidden groups

The status bar will indicate how many tasks are "hidden" because they do not belong to the selected groups.

If "Remember selected groups" is checked, the Control Center will save the selected groups, so the next time you start the Control Center the same groups are pre-selected.