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Task History

The Task History program lets you view the output of your tasks. You can start the Task History program from inside the watchDirectory Control Center by pressing CTRL+ALT+V or by clicking the Task History button on the toolbar of the Control Center.
Below is the first screen that shows when it starts.

watchDirectory Task History

This screen shows all the tasks you have configured - just one in this example - and some basic information for each task. To view the messages for this task, you can either

You will now be presented with the screen that shows the messages for all "runs" of this task (as shown below).

Runs of a task

All messages have a "message type" assigned to them, varying from "debug" to "error". You can filter this message type column by clicking the "D" (debug), "I" (info), "W" (warning) and "E" (error) push buttons on the toolbar. Debug messages are only written to the history database if you have enabled debug messages for this task.

To view messages about the events handled by this task (new files etcetera), use one of the same methods as above to "click through" to the next screen.

Events of a task

This screen shows all events that are handled by this task. You can "click through" one more time to see messages specific to each event.

Messages of an event