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Version History

Use the "Help -> Check for online Updates" menu to see if a new release is available.

Date/Version Changes
June 2, 2017
  • Fixed: WatchDirectory crashed on (some) Asian language systems.
  • Improved: The new System.Mail now allows you to connect to SMTP servers without username/password.
  • Improved: The Print PDF task has several new settings.
  • Fixed: The email reports of the Audit task weren't properly sent at 6am.
  • Fixed: Large file uploads by the FTP task didn't properly report their progress.
  • Improved: The Unzip task now supports password protected zips.
July 19, 2016
  • Improved: Updated the supported encryption methods for the FTP Upload plugin.
  • Improved: When you let the Email task combine multiple emails, there is a new setting to prevent the same file being attached multiple times.
  • Improved: The Print PDF task has a new option to set the print orientation (Portrait or Landscape).
December 10, 2015
  • Improved: The new Print Pdf plugin has a new option to control how documents are resized (or not)
  • Fixed: Dynamic Naming did not work properly for the new Print Pdf plugin.
October 25, 2015
  • New: A new plugin to Print PDF Files.
  • Improved: When a task is started and its history is corrupt, the task will try to automatically repair the history database.
May 4, 2015
  • Fixed: The Folder Size plugin ignored subdirectories.
  • Improved: The $CALL$ macro can now also be used to get the recipients of an email.
March 28, 2015
  • New: The helpfiles are also available in Spanish.
February 5, 2015
  • New: Use the $CALL$ macro in email tasks to dynamically set the subject and/or body of your emails.
  • Improved: If you use {dynamic naming}, the {drive} variable will now be set to the \\server\share name when monitoring a network share.
  • Improved: The System.Mail (wdPostman) program has been optimized to perform better when combining large numbers of emails.
  • Improved: The Upload to Amazon S3 task handles large files a lot better. It will also automatically retry several times when the http-connection is lost during a transfer.
  • Improved: The Upload to S3 plugin now allows you to select the end-point of your AWS server.
  • Improved: You can now import backups even while tasks are running (you can not import running tasks).
  • Fixed: The WatchDirectory Control Center crashed when you didn't install the help files and tried to create a new task.
  • Fixed: Inlining more than 9 images (using cid:image-root.10) in an html email did not work.
September 14, 2014
  • Fixed: The FTP task did not set the text/binary mode for uploads after reconnecting to the server.
  • Fixed: The ZIP task did not properly zip large files (bigger than 4GB).
April 6, 2014
  • Improved: When monitoring directories where files or sub-directories have illegal names (from a Windows perspective), WatchDirectory will automatically use the short name (ILLEGAL~1.TXT) instead of aborting. This has been implemented for the Polling, Default and File Age monitoring methods.
  • Fixed: The new implementation for email did not properly implement embedded images, also in some cases files were attached more than once.
  • Improved: Previous versions of the "Auto Upload" task always tried to RESUME uploads after failed attempts. This caused problems with FTP servers that don't support RESUME. Resuming uploads is now an option you can select or disable.
March 2, 2014
  • Fixed: The new Quick History viewer did not show all messages in the correct order.
  • Improved: Added a "Find" box to the Quick History viewer.
  • Fixed: The upload plugin did not properly check if it was connected to the FTP server when uploading the first file of a run.
February 16, 2014
  • New: When you use the new v1.9 release of WxRemote, WatchDirectory can send its latest messages (activity) to WxRemote.
January 20, 2014
  • Fixed: In rare cases the FTP Upload plugin did not upload the detected file.
December 29, 2013
  • New: A new implementation of the System.Mail component which allows secure SMTP connections (SSL or TLS). In case of compatibility issues, you can still use the old (v4.6 and earlier) implementation.
  • New: The dynamic function {code{dllname,parameters}} now also allows you to call a batch script.
  • New: {isoweek} and {isoyearweek} tags.
  • New: A plugin to automatically upload to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (also known as Amazon S3), see the Amazon Upload plugin.
  • New: An easier to use Task History Viewer. The original viewer is still included and you can select which one to start in options.
  • Improved: The Copy task has 2 advanced options: "Slow Copy" to prevent overloading your network and "Paranoid Copy" that checks each bit after copying.
  • Improved: The FTP plugin automatically resumes the upload when it is interrupted.
  • Fixed: Better support for Win2000 and Win2003
September 15, 2012
  • Fixed: The FTP upload task could hang or use a lot of CPU.
August 5, 2012
  • Improved: When using the Scheduler, QUIET events were not handled properly.
  • New: The FTP Upload task has a new "Strict" option for Passive connections. This helps when the FTP server lies (!!) about its IP address in response to the PASV command.
  • Improved: Small improvements to the ZIP component preventing it to hang on illegal filenames.
  • New: UTF-8 support for the email component. This is now the new default for message encoding when you create a new email task.
  • Improved: Implemented "Clear Command Channel" for FTPS protocols
  • Fixed: The Upload Files task will now retry to connect when it receives a 40425 error
  • Fixed: The Environment variable WD_FILE_E was not properly set for files without extensions
  • Fixed: WatchDirectory crashed (or just didn't work) on Vista and Windows-7 when not running as an Administrator
  • Improved: The WatchDirectory Control Center is more efficient (cpu and resources)
  • New: Filter Events can now also filter with bat scripts for complex filter situations.
  • New: A new plugin to Remove the Oldest Files from a Directory: Use it to delete old log files while keeping the 10 newest.
  • New: The Zip File task can now be used as a Subtask.
  • Fixed: The task that Upload Files to an FTP Server would send false email warnings when renaming files.
June 9, 2011
  • Fixed: The "Quoted/8859" email encoding did not encode the subject of emails. This caused garbage characters in the email subject when special characters were used (like ¨, ç and ß)
  • Fixed: The upload task could sometimes hang when the connection to the FTP server did not complete successfully.
  • Fixed: The System.Mail process could, in some cases, create non-standard messages.
  • Changed: All virtual machine restriction removed from the Evaluation version.
  • New: A new Dynamic Naming Function: {random{low,high}} to get a random number (for example {random{1,10}} will return some number between 1 and 10 inclusive).
  • New: The Audit plugin can now automatically cleanup audit reports older than 7 days.
January 9, 2011
  • New: WatchDirectory Services will now "Delay Load" on systems that support it.
  • New: Hide a task from WxRemote.
  • New: The Folder Size plugin allows you to set how often it should email.
  • Fixed: Tasks that create directories always created them without any permissions. Now those directories are created with default permissions.
  • Fixed: The Control Center and Tasks loaded very slow on some systems with Intel based RAID.
  • Fixed: Tasks will not write to the Windows Event log anymore.
  • Fixed: The Polling and File Age monitoring methods will not wake up the computer anymore.
  • Fixed: The Upload task has been improved so it handles closed connections better.
May 26, 2010
4.6.3 Beta 2
  • Fixed: The Copy task ignored your "Remove Directory" setting when "Implement as Move" was selected.
  • Fixed: The Email task will now write a warning if it can not attach a detected file on the network.
  • Fixed: When emails were combined only the first email's @@@filename@@@ was processed.
  • Fixed: The Upload task did not create new directories when you used Dynamic Naming.
  • Fixed: The Upload task will first try to delete the target filename before renaming the uploaded ".partial" file.
March 22, 2010
  • Fixed: The ZIP task did not store any paths anymore.
March 14, 2010
  • New: Print PDF files Automatically with Foxit Reader.
  • New: WD_FILE_SIZE_MB and WD_FILE_SIZE_GB variables.
  • New: Email Task: When you use a file with email addresses (see Advanced Addressing) you can also set the subject and message body there.
  • Fixed: The new "Only One QUIET Event" option wasn't working properly.
  • Fixed: The FTP plugin did not shutdown properly.
February 16, 2010
  • Fixed: Startup speed improvements on Windows-7 systems using (buggy) AHCI drivers from Intel.
  • Fixed: When History wasn't set to "Maximal" in options, you could not view any history.
January 21, 2010
  • New: Previously, the QUIET Event always fired multiple times, every "quiet interval" after the last real event. Now you can tell WatchDirectory to fire QUIET only once.
  • Updated: When the Auto FTP plugin checks if the connection to the server is still "alive" it will not send error messages anymore.
November 16, 2009
  • Fixed: The Auto FTP plugin would try to "CWD" to the file on the FTP server. This was harmless on most FTP servers, but some servers would abort the upload.
  • New: All plugins that support Dynamic Naming have a new variable for milliseconds: {msec}.
  • New: The Run Any Program plugin can now be used as a SubTask in the SubTask plugin
  • New: Various plugins that support the File Security settings now also allow you to select "do not change file permissions".
  • Fixed: The Auto ZIP task did not set the error message properly when an error occurred.
  • Fixed: When you restored a backup of your tasks, the Control Center would crash (but the backup was properly restored).
  • Fixed: The Auto UNZIP task did not properly unzip contained directories.
  • Fixed: The File Age Monitoring Method disabled the QUIET event for tasks.
  • Updated: The Auto FTP task writes less info (connecting, connected, disconnect) to the history database. When the task receives a 40550 error (which can be almost any problem the FTP server detects), the task will retry several times.
July 16, 2009
  • Fixed: The tip window sometimes caused the WD Control Center to crash at startup
  • New: The Auto Copy plugin can now MOVE files. When you move files on the same disk, this is faster than copy followed by delete.
  • New: The Folder Size plugin writes a timestamp and filename of deleted/moved files to <Task Directory>\<Task Name>\removedfiles_YYYYMMDD.csv. These files are automatically removed when they are a month old.
  • New: The Folder Size plugin can check for several new "events"
  • Fixed: The "Last Message" column of the WatchDirectory Control Center was not always updating properly
  • Fixed: The Auto UNZIP task now supports far larger files (tested with a 2GB zip containing an 8GB file)
  • Fixed: The Auto ZIP task now supports far larger files (tested up to 8GB)
  • Fixed: The Auto Copy option to remove directories when they become empty in some cases also removed the monitored directory.
  • New: The thumbnail plugin can now be used as a SubTask in the SubTask plugin
  • New: The thumbnail plugin has a new option to prevent overwriting existing thumbnails
  • New: You can set the "color" of a task. If you have a lot of tasks, this allows you to organize them in different "groups". Give a task one of 6 colors using the "right click" context menu. You can sort the tasks by color by clicking the header in the WD Control Center. You can select all tasks having the same color using the new "Colors Toolbar".
  • New: When you let the email plugin combine emails, you can now set the separator between emails yourself.
  • New: Use CTRL+F (or View -> Find) to find and select tasks.
  • Fix: The Automatically Start any Program plugin did not properly set the environment variable WD_REASON when a new directory was detected.
January 26, 2009
January 6, 2009
  • New: A new dynamic function ({title}) is available for plugins that support dynamic naming.
  • Fix: The wdPostMan program (System.Mail task) sometimes had long (~30 seconds) delays between messages.
November 29, 2008
October 7, 2008
  • Fix: Communication with the wdNotify tool didn't work properly when the task runs as a Service. This was especially noticable on Windows Vista or earlier Windows versions with "Fast User Switching" or Terminal Services.
    Note: You need wdNotify version 1.3 or higher. WatchDirectory 4.5.5 is not compatible with earlier wdNotify versions.
  • Fix: The Folder Size plugin had trouble properly saving some settings. When you select the option to move/delete the oldest files, you can now also set it to base this "age calculation" on the last-modified date.
  • Update: The postman process now tries to connect 90 seconds to your SMTP server.
  • New: The email task allows you to combine HTML emails. Previously the combine settings were ignored for HTML email.
  • Update: The File Age Monitoring Method has been optimized to use less CPU and memory.
July 13, 2008
  • Fix: The FTP plugin in some cases tried to change to an improper directory on your FTP server.
  • New: A new option to Compact the history database of a task (File -> Compact History).
    This will do a more thorough cleanup of the database than the automatic cleanup.
  • New: The $URL() macro (email plugin) will now properly encode accented characters like ü.
  • New: A new variable (%WD_EVENTNO%) is available for the Run a Batch file plugin.
  • Update: When you select the File Age Monitoring Method, the settings for "Fire FILENEW/DIRNEW at startup" and "check for missed events" will be ignored. These 2 options are not compatible with "File Age".
  • Update: Several issues fixed for email tasks that use a lot of recipients (more than a few hundred) and/or large amounts of text as the body of an email (more than a few thousand characters).
May 22, 2008
  • New: Compatible with Windows 2008 Server.
  • Update: The previous release of the FTP plugin introduced NOOP commands to keep the connection alive. Some FTP servers have trouble with this option, so this release makes them optional.
  • Update: The "Fast Monitoring Method" would sometimes report the so-called "short filename" (file~01.txt), depending how the file was created. This new version will try to convert short filenames to their "long" equivalent.
  • Update: Added support for the new eventlog format of Windows Vista and 2008 to the Audit plugin.
March 21, 2008
  • New: A new Dynamic Naming option to call a function in a dll.
  • Important Fix: WatchDirectory was leaking "handles". Some operating systems seem to be affected more than others. This was especially problametic when you run watchDirectory "unattended" for long periods of time (weeks).
  • Updated: The Audit Files plugin now supports multiple email addresses.
  • Fix: When your scheduler settings indicate that no directory monitoring is needed during a period, the "event collector" should stop running. In some cases it would continue to run. Note that this same issue was partially fixed in release 4.5.1, this release has further fixes.
  • Fix: If you use The File Age monitoring method with the "remember triggered files" option, the history database could grow quite large.
  • Updated: The ftp plugin now sends NOOP (NO OPeration) commands to keep the connection alive. This improves the reliability of large uploads.
February 28, 2008
  • Fix: Site License keys could cause watchDirectory to hang on some dual-core computers.
  • Fix: A small "repaint" issue sometimes caused the "New Task Window" to be blank.
  • Fix: When your scheduler settings indicate that no directory monitoring is needed during a period, the "event collector" should stop running. In some cases it would continue to run.
February 3, 2008
  • New: The ZIP plugin can now create password protected ZIP files. Furthermore, it can "add" files to existing ZIP files.
  • Updated: The watchDirectory Control Center refreshes the status information of tasks in the background. This improves the user experience when you have a lot of tasks. .
  • Updated: You can Right-click a task to export its settings.
  • New: Import settings of a task.
  • Updated: New window to select with which plugin you want to run a task.
  • Updated: The thumbnail plugin now supports the File Security page.
  • Updated: When you right-click a task, the menu that came up allows you to explore all directories used by the task. The "View -> Options" window now allows you to disable this for network drives (for better response time).
  • Updated: The FTP plugin now has an option to write all replies from the FTP server to the history database.
  • Fixed: The File Age monitoring method would always "fire events" for files, even if only directories were selected.
October 19, 2007
  • New Plugin: A plugin to Automatically Start any Program.
  • Updated: The Automatically Email plugin can now add a text before and after a combined email. Also moved the "combine" settings to a new window to make the main window less cluttered.
  • Fixed: When you send a test message on the Email Settings window, the test message was sent "from" (sender) the email address you entered as the "to" address. Most SMTP servers reject these messages if the sender is unknown on their server (Relay Denied). This has been fixed.
  • Fixed: The Thumbnail Plugin would sometimes write thumbnails without their file extension (.jpg).
  • Fixed: The "mark of the web", introduced in the 4.2.4 release had an annoying side effect (IE only). Images in the helpfiles were not clickable anymore.
October 2, 2007
  • Updated: The Automatically Zip plugin has a few new settings:
    • It now supports Dynamic Naming
    • You can configure the directory where temporary files are stored (useful for big ZIPs on drives with limited capacity)
  • Important Fix: The wdPostMan program (System.Mail) was slowly consuming a lot of so-called Non Paged Pool memory - only on some systems. Non Paged Pool memory is a limited resource and when the amount left gets too low it causes the computer to crash.
  • Fix: Added a "Mark of the Web" to all help documents to prevent annoying warnings in Internet Explorer.
September 4, 2007
  • New: A plugin to Automatically Rename Files.
  • New: When a renamed directory is detected, watchDirectory can optionally also fire events for the contents of the "new" directory
  • New: The thumbnail plugin supports BMP as the output format.
  • New: When using the scheduler with the option "ignore events outside scheduled periods" selected, watchDirectory will no longer monitor the directory outside the scheduled periods.
  • New: The email plugin has an option to make the delay period for combined emails "fixed".
  • New: The email plugin now supports combining emails separately for each sub-directory.
  • New: The email plugin now also supports a subject in the @email.txt file.
  • New: The email plugin can search for the email.txt file in parent directories if not found in the initial directory.
  • New: The File Age monitoring method now also supports directories.
  • New: The Automatic Delete files plugin can remove (empty) directories.
  • New: The plugins that support Dynamic Naming can use the {owner} tag. This tag is replaced with the Windows account name that owns the file.
  • Updated: The email plugin will not report an error when there is no @email.txt file in a directory
  • Updated: The Postman program uses an upgraded email component, and no longer needs to copy files on long paths.
  • Fix: The postman program could crash if you included a Unicode file without a byte order marker.
  • Fix: The ftp plugin did not handle some of the proxy types correctly.
  • Fix: The email plugin reported the "old" filename/directory name in case of rename events.
  • Fix: The control center could report a wrong number of running tasks.
  • Fix: (introduced in the 4.2.3 beta), wdRun (the program that runs the tasks) could loose the configured sub-directories to ignore, and report events for them.
  • Fix: The upload plugin now defaults to the proper "home directory", instead of "/", when you browse to select the upload directory.
  • Fix: The "automatically delete" plugin would also remove the monitored directory itself.
  • Fix: Quiet events ignored the scheduler settings.
  • Fix: If you enabled dynamic naming on the FTP plugin, the browse button did not work.
April 4, 2007
  • Fix: When sending email without attachments, the email could get corrupt.
  • New: You can now use POP3 as authentication method on the email settings dialog. This will connect to your POP3 server before connecting to your SMTP server.
  • New: You automatically append the contents of a file to all outgoing emails. You can for example use this to add a standard disclaimer.
  • New: The "Audit plugin" can now be configured not to write the "default audit files".
  • New: The scheduler has an option to force the schedule. Previously it would process all events that were "due". With this new option selected, the scheduler will wait for the next allowed period.
  • New: The "Auto Upload" plugin will retry uploads if they fail due to the FTP server being down.
March 17, 2007
free updates

Another Free update

If you are currently running any 4.x version of watchDirectory, just install "on top" of your current version. This will keep your configured tasks and settings intact.
The 4.2.1 release is a recommended update for everybody using the Fast Monitoring Method.
  • New: All plugins that can be configured to Move or Delete files will now reset the "read only" attribute of the file before trying to delete/move.
  • New: The email settings dialog has a new sub-dialog where you can enter filters. These filters tell the Postman program which emails NOT to send.
  • New: The "Auto Copy Files" plugin can remove empty directories (if you enabled the option to remove the file after copying).
  • New: A new option on the "Other settings" window to make "Fire FILENEW/DIRNEW" and "Check for missed events" work together with the Scheduler settings.
  • New: You can set a startup delay for your task.
  • New: When running a task as a service, you can select if it should "Auto Start" or "On Demand Start".
  • New: You can set the message encoding for non-html emails. This prevents garbled text on non-english emails.
  • Fix: In some situations the Fast Monitoring Method could use a lot of CPU time. This would happen if a task is currently busy with a file (for example, uploading it to an FTP site) and another file event takes place in the monitored directory.
  • Fix: The plugin to monitor the Folder Size didn't function correctly when you configure multiple tasks with this plugin.
  • Fix: The automatically upload plugin would remove the remote file if you selected the option to move the local file after upload. Also changed it so the FILEDEL option is now off by default.
  • Fix: The email plugin had problems to attach files with semicolons (;) in their name.
March 3, 2007
  • New: This version is Windows Vista Compatible.
  • New: When using the Fast monitoring method, previous versions would not trigger your task if the plugin didn't support "renamed files". This new version can optionally "translate" the FILEREN event to a FILEDEL and FILENEW event. FILENEW (new file) is supported by most plugins.
    See the Events window for more information.
  • New: Several new environment variables are available for the Automatically Run a .bat File plugin:
    WD_FILE_DATE_CR and WD_FILE_TIME_CR contain the creation date and time of the file,
    WD_FILE_DATE_LM and WD_FILE_TIME_LM contain the last modified date and time of the file.
  • New: The Automatically Upload Files plugin has an option to upload files with a ".partial" file extension. When the upload is complete, the file is renamed to the real name.
  • New: The Audit Files (who did it) plugin now has a new window (Assistant) to help enter the correct setting for "Path Prefix". This setting was previously named "local directory on the server". This new version is also compatible with (most) RAID setups.
    This version of the plugin also fixes a problem reported by some Win2003 customers ("Buffer too Small" errors).
  • New: The Automatic Delete files plugin can remove directories when the last file is deleted from it.
November 20, 2006
  • Fix: (November 22) - The wdPostMan program refused to sent email if there was no attachment
  • New: The File Age monitoring method now allows you to set the polling interval yourself.
  • New: The Audit Info (who did it) plugin can write CSV files.
  • New: The Directory to Watch window allows you to set the number of retries in case of network failures.
  • Fix: The wdPostMan program would crash if you attach a file with a long path to email.
  • Fix: The Play a sound plugin refused to load on NT4.
  • Fix: The "tip" that a new version is available would always show when you performed a manual check-for-update
November 5, 2006
Tip: a year of free updates

More than 1 year of free updates

Customers that bought watchDirectory version 4 when initially released, have received more than one year of free updates.
During this time, a lot of functionality and free plugins were added.
Become a customer and get all 4.x versions free!
New in the 4.1 release:
  • NEW: A new monitoring method is added to the Professional edition of watchDirectory. Use the File Age monitoring method to run your tasks for files older than X minutes, hours or days.
  • NEW: A new plugin to watch your folder size. Send email, delete or move files when directories are filling up.
  • NEW: You can now export your task history to XML.
  • NEW: The background email handler (wdPostMan) now also writes info, warning and error messages to a history database, instead of the Windows Event log.
  • NEW: The "Files that trigger events" window is replaced by the Filter Events window. A more flexible and vastly improved method to configure watchDirectory for certain file types.
  • NEW: A new window is added to the task configuration that allows you to set the Permissions of files and directories that are created by the task. This window will only show for plugins that support it, currently the Copy, Sort and Unzip plugins.
... and a lot of minor fixes and enhancements, among others:
  • The wdPostMan process now also shows in the list of running tasks.
  • You can set a "From:" address for the Email plugin, overriding the common from-address set in the email settings window.
  • You can send formatted email (bold, colored text etcetera) with the Email plugin, by sending HTML Email
  • All helpfile pages now have a special printer friendly stylesheet (removes the menu among other things).
  • In the watchDirectory Control Center, use the "View" menu to select which columns to show.
  • Selecting the "View Task History" option inside the Control Center opens the History database for the selected task.
  • Changed the method to determin the SID of the "Everyone" group to make it compatible with non-english Windows versions.
  • When the Control Center is started the very first time it wrote settings to C:\Windows\common.ini, instead of to <task directory>\common.ini
July 30, 2006
The Auto Zip plugin supports "luggage files" (files that are always added to the zip, for example a readme.txt) and has a new option to store only the direct parent directory name in the zip.
The time and date related Dynamic Name tags can now also use the timestamps of the detected file.
Added help and tips for the Convert Postscript files to PDF and Automatically print PDF plugins.
June 27, 2006
You can set a filesize limit for attached files with the Automatically Email plugin.
Added 2 new Dynamic Naming tags ({firstdir} and {parentdir}) and 3 new functions (cutright, stringbefore and stringafter).
The Auto Copy Files plugin will now automatically retry to copy several times if needed.
Fixed a problem that would prevent cleaning the history databases.
May 14, 2006
New Free Add-On Program: wdNotify: system tray alerts from watchDirectory.
New Plugin: Automatically play a sound file when new files are created.
The Task History viewer has a new dialog to show scheduled events. Press Ctrl+E or "View -> Scheduled Events" while viewing a task to open this dialog.
The Automatically Email plugin can be configured to combine emails.
The Automatically Upload Files plugin supports Dynamic Naming.
The Automatically Unzip Files plugin supports Dynamic Naming.
The Automatically compress Files plugin can now store directory information in the ZIP file.
Added Search to the online help.
The wdPostman program now supports unicode files for the @@@filename@@@ macro (used to insert a file's content into the body of a message).
The "View -> Options..." menu allows you to set your country preference for Date/Time display, and Dynamic Naming.
The Default and Polling monitoring methods will now better support deleted directories. Previous versions would get confused if the directory was removed while a directory scan was in progress.
The professional edition has a new option to "Password Protect" the watchDirectory Control Center (File -> Password Protect).
The Automatically Copy Files and Automatically Sort Files plugin now have an option to make copied files accessible to "everyone".
March 19, 2006
The thumbnail plugin allows more precise control for CPU usage.
New "plugin" to automatically run Visual Basic Scripts.
New "plugin" to automatically decompress RAR files.
Tasks can be assigned to groups.
The scheduler can now be configured for multiple periods in a day.
The Professional edition has a new option to keep running when the user is logging off.
You can now rename tasks.
There is a new "user interface" tab on the "View -> Options" window. Here you can set if the splash screen is shown, and if the Control Center uses small or large icons on toolbars.
The Automatically Delete files plugin doesn't write warnings anymore when the file is already deleted.
The Standard edition did not properly startup.
February 19, 2006
The evaluation version of watchDirectory can now run inside "virtual machines" (VMWare and VirtualPC). Previous versions refused to run inside virtual machines.
When you run more than 1 task on a computer, these tasks could "influence" each other. The effect of this was that a task would delay processing events for some files until a new event "woke it up".
February 15, 2006
The Auto Sort files plugin has been improved. You can now copy and disable sort rules.
The plugin that creates thumbnails of your pictures can now also create them in GIF and PNG formats. Furthermore, it supports creating thubnails for changed pictures.
The control center and history viewer are now compatible with muli-monitor displays.
The control center can show its icons "half size".
The email plugin now supports attaching files with their "long filenames".
The Automatically Copy plugin dropped the first letter of the filename when watchDirectory is configured to monitor the root of a drive.
The unzip plugin didn't properly set the timestamp on unzipped files.
The "hide the run window" setting was ignored when you run a task from the startup menu.
watchDirectory would write an error message (and send it per e-mail if you configured that): "Gave up monitoring directory after 0 retries" when you asked WD to stop.
The memory usage of the "fire filenew/dirnew" and "check for missed events" options has been reduced.
WatchDirectory now properly checks if the directory still exists before calling your task for a "new directory" event.
The Fast Monitoring method has been improved slightly. Some programs create a file by following this sequence:
  • Create the file
  • Delete the file
  • Create the file (again)
They presumably do this to check for access permissions. The first 2 events will be ignored by watchDirectory.
December 22, 2005
A new plugin is released to Automatically Sort files. This plugin is an enhanced version of the Automatically Copy files plugin as it allows multiple destinations.
The Copy files plugin has a new option to disable copying security attributes.
The Auto Sort and Auto Copy plugins now support 2 new functions for dynamic naming:
  • {environment{name}} to use an environment variable.
  • {sequence{sequence-filename}} to use a automatically incrementing counter from a file.
The Control Center did not correctly check for valid email adresses.
The PostMan program now supports using a file as the body of the email message.
The Task History program now supports the Find command. Also, its performace is a lot better for large history databases.
December 4, 2005
The FTP files plugin can do "Always text", "Always binary" and "Auto" upload. Previous versions always used "Always binary" (Only good if your FTP server is Windows based). Furthermore, in some cases this plugin ignored your setting for "Passive mode".
The auditing plugin will now rescan the Security Event Log in case it receives an ERROR_EVENTLOG_FILE_CHANGED (1503) error from Windows.
The wdRun program (the actual directory monitor) did not give "fire FILENEW/DIRNEW" and "check for missed events" enough time to run.
November 17, 2005
The Unzip plugin will set the permissions for unzipped files so everybody has access to them.
The Control Center does a few additional checks when you enter filemasks. Furthermore, new tasks have their permissions set so other users can access (and start) the task.
The Email plugin should now work properly if you attach files on network drives.
German version of watchDirectory available for download.
November 6, 2005
The Email plugin has a new option to remove the attached file. This is also possible when you send e-mail from inside your .bat file.
When you use the scheduler to delay events, you can now let it update the scheduled time when it merges events.
Improved the performance of the Task History viewer.
Several other minor improvements.
October 23, 2005
The Email component will now automatically add < and > to the address when you don't enter them yourself. Also, a problem has been fixed that caused the WD_FILE_SIZE and WD_FILE_SIZE_KB variables to be ignored.
The Copy Files component now supports several functions when you use dynamic naming.
October 9, 2005
The plugin that Automatically Copies files now allows you to "dynamically name" the target file. For example, when the dynamic name is C:\Target\{extension}\{filename}, the new file hello.txt will be copied to C:\Target\txt\hello.txt.
Furthermore, the Auto Copy plugin now also copies NTFS file permissions to the target file.
The Automatically Delete files plugin can also react to changed files.
October 2, 2005
The Automatically Copy files plugin has a new option that keeps the original file extension when it renames existing files.
Several small changes to make translation to German and Dutch easier.
When using a JavaScript enabled browser, several screenshots will "autotomatically resize" in the helpfile.
September 25, 2005
The Automatically upload files plugin ignored the "Port" setting, and always used the default port. You can now also send raw FTP commands to your FTP server after the upload completes.
The Automatically ZIP files plugin has a new option to remove the ZIPPED files.
Several other minor changes.
September 4, 2005
The Automatically upload files plugin can now &retry to connect& (in case the FTP server is down).
The email plugin can use the same variables as the batch file plugin.
August 28, 2005
The Control Center has some extra menu options to start and stop the wdPostMan program.
The upload files plugin will now write warnings for missing files instead of aborting.
August 21, 2005
The thumbnail plugin now supports GIF format as input, and allows you to add a prefix and suffix to the output filename. Also, the algorithm used for the "bounding box" resize method is more accurate.
The plugin that reads the Security Event Log has been enhanced to use a "mapping file" allowing it to be used for other operating systems than Windows XP.
A problem with the Decompress (unzip) plugin is fixed where it wouldn't use the directory information inside the zip file.
The Task History Viewer didn't show you all events in some cases.
The Control Center ignored your "Check For Updates" preference.
When the directory monitor encounters a "sharing violation" (another program has exclusive access to a directory), it will retry that directory a few times.
August 14, 2005
A new plugin is added to Automatically Unzip Files.
The Auto Run batch files plugin can now properly handle "invalid" filenames (having <, > and & characters in their name).
The program that does the actual monitoring (wdRun) did not always properly "restart" when network folders became temporarily unavailable.
August 9, 2005
Some dialogs didn't "paint" well. They showed some HTML markup especially on slower (or busy) computers.
The helpfile has been improved a bit more.
The delay starting your task option now is enabled with a 2 second delay by default for most plugins/tasks. This will prevent a lot of "extra" events when a file is created.
The plugin that can automatically start .bat files has been enhanced further:
  • There is a new option to show the output .bat file window
  • Another option will force the plugin to wait indefinitely for a .bat file to end, instead of 20 seconds maximum
Removed the (incomplete) Dutch translation. Will return later when finished.
August 3, 2005
Improved the reliability of the wdPostMan program - the component that is responsible for sending email.
The watchDirectory Control Center did not remove the task from your startup menu or the "Windows Services applet" when you removed a task. This has been fixed.
The part of the common library responsible for creating directories gave errors when part of the directory to create already existed. Fixed in this release.
Added an option to the upload files plugin to delete the file that has just been uploaded.
The plugin that can automatically start batch files has been enhanced:
  • You can select an option so it will not wait until your .bat file completes
  • You can set an upper limit to the number of .bat files that will run at the same time
July 27, 2005
Added an option to the Automatically Copy Files plugin to delete the original file after being copied.
Fixed a problem in the "uninstall" code.
July 24, 2005
The initial release of watchDirectory version 4!

Our upgrade policy

All new minor versions of watchDirectory are free after your purchase. So, when you buy version 4.0 all 4.x version will be free. This also includes all plugins that are released for that version.
When a new major version is released (5.0) existing customers can upgrade at a reduced price. If this new major version is released within 90 days of your purchase, your upgrade to the new version is free as well.
If you want to upgrade watchDirectory Standard to watchDirectory Professional, you can do so anytime for the price difference.

Upgrades from versions 1.x, 2.x and 3.x

If you have purchased a watchDirectory license on or after July 1 2004 you can upgrade all your licenses to watchDirectory version 4, Professional edition FREE. If you have purchased before July 1, 2004 there is a small upgrade fee.
To apply for an upgrade, use the upgrade request form here.