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Creating New Tasks

  1. Select the plugin to use
  2. Plugin Settings
  3. Directory to Watch
  4. Directories to Exclude
  5. Filter Events
  6. Monitoring Method
  7. Events
  8. Scheduler (Pro)
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  10. Name and Description
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How to Run

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How to Run

Here you select how watchDirectory should run.

I will start this task manually
When this option is selected, the watchDirectory task will never automatically start.

From the startup menu...
These 2 options will automatically start this task when a user is logged into Windows.

Windows Service
Run as a Windows Service (only available in the Professional edition of watchDirectory)

Run this task when the computer boots. The task will run even if nobody is logged in.
Please note that the task will run as the "LocalSystem" user by default. The LocalSystem user has a lot of privileges on the current computer, but not on the network.
If this task will be accessing network drives, you will need to change the user account for this service. Press the Windows Services button (or press CTRL+2) to change the user for the configured service. The name of the service to change is watchDirectory:<task-name>, where task-name is the name you gave this task on the name & description page.

Service automatically starts
If this option is selected, the service will automatically start when the system boots. If it is not selected, the start type of this service will be "On Demand".

Hide the Run Windows
If you are not running this task as a Windows Service, you can check this option to prevent the watchDirectory window from showing.

Keep running when user is logging off (only available in the Professional edition of watchDirectory)
If you select any of the above "how to run" options, the task will stop when a user logs off from Windows. Select this option to ignore the logoff event that Windows sends to this task.

xxx seconds delay on startup
This instructs watchDirectory to wait a number of seconds before starting to monitor the directory.

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