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Automatically Delete Files

Automatically Remove Files
Tip: remove old files

Delete old files

Use the File Age monitoring method together with this plugin to automatically remove old files.

Ideal to automatically remove old log files!

This plugin for watchDirectory automatically removes unwanted files from the monitored directory.

Settings for this plugin

This plugin has one setting: you can let it remove the directory if the last file in it is deleted by the plugin. You determine what files are removed on the next few screens.

You probably want to limit the files that are deleted to certain file types. For example only files with a TMP extension. Use the Files that trigger events tab to limit the types of files that will be automatically deleted.
When you configure a new task, the "files that trigger events" will automatically be setup to only remove files with an "AUTODELETE" extension.

If you are using the Professional Edition of watchDirectory, you can use the Scheduler or the File Age monitoring method to delay deleting those files to some future moment.

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