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Automatically Unzip files

This plugin for watchDirectory automatically uncompresses ZIP files.

Settings for this plugin

Uncompress into this directory
Enter the name of an existing directory in which you want the uncompressed files to be stored.

Use the same subfolder as the ZIP file
If the ZIP file was found inside a subfolder of the monitored directory, checking this option will unzip the ZIP file into the "same" subfolder below the directory you set above.

Use directory information found inside the ZIP file
ZIP files can store relative paths for files inside them. If you check this option, the files will be unzipped using those paths.

Delete ZIP file after uncompressing
Check this option to delete the ZIP file after it has been unzipped.

Use dynamic naming for the output directory
Check this option to dynamically name the output directory. When you use dynamic naming you can use special {tags} for the output directory name.

When zips are password protected and all zips have the same password you can enter the password here.
Both (modern) AES encrypted and (old) password protected zips are supported.

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