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Automatically ZIP/Compress files

This plugin for watchDirectory automatically compresses new and changed files. You have the choice to ZIP individual files, or to ZIP complete directories.

Settings for this plugin

Target Directory
Enter the name of a directory where you want to create the compressed files.
Dynamic Name must be complete filename If you use Dynamic Naming (with the button labeled "{tags}"), you need to enter the full filename (not the directoryname). For example, you could enter


Place the ZIPs in corresponding subdirectories
Lets assume you use watchDirectory to monitor C:\NewPictures, including sub-directories, and configure this plugin to create ZIPs in C:\Zips. Now you "upload" the picture holiday.jpg to C:\NewPictures\MySummerholiday.

If you have checked this option, the archive will be created as C:\Zips\MySummerholiday\
These sub-directories will be created automatically.
If you did not check this option, the zip archive will be created as C:\Zips\

This option is not available if you use dynamic naming.

Create ZIPs for complete directories, not files
When this option is selected, watchDirectory will add the directories containing new and changed files to a list of directories to process. You will need to enable the QUIET event (on the "events tab") to tell watchDirectory how long to wait before zipping these directories.
If you use Dynamic Naming for the ZIP file, note that the {tags} such as {filename} refer to the name of the directory being zipped.

Remove files after being ZIPPED
This will delete the new files after it has been added to the ZIP file.

Add files to existing ZIP
If the ZIP file already exists, this setting determines if the ZIP will be overwritten or if the file will be added to the zip.

Password Protect options Some of the options to create Password Protected Zip files are not available when you select this option.

Directory information
Select what directory information is added to the compressed file.

Luggage files
If you always want to include some files, for example a "readme.txt", you can add them to this list.

Temporary files location
ZIP files are first created in a temporary directory. When the ZIP is complete, it is moved to the Target directory you have configured above. If you leave "Temporary files location" empty, the system default location for temporary files is used.

Password protect
Press this button to open the Password Encryption window.

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