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SubTask settings
Rename a SubTask

How to Rename a SubTask

There is currently no direct option to rename a SubTask. However, it is easy enough to rename a SubTask by copying the original SubTask to the desired name. After the copy, remove the SubTask with the original name.

SubTask Settings

On this window you enter the settings for this SubTask.


Enter a short description of this SubTask.

If you created this SubTask by importing the settings of a task, it will have the original task description pre-entered. This imported description may include the name of the monitored directory of the original task. You should probably remove that from the SubTask description as all SubTasks use the monitored directory of the "Main" task.

File Events

Tick the events you want handled by this SubTask.

Note: Make sure the "Main Task" also has these events selected

When this SubTask fails...

If a SubTask fails (returns an error-code), the main task can retry to call the SubTask. If you enter zero here, no retries will be done.

If the Run Mode of the main task is "Run All SubTasks - Stop on Failure", and a SubTask is successfully retried, the main task will continue.

Only run this SubTask for files matching

Enter one or more file-specs separated by semicolons (;). You can use normal "dos" wildcards (* and ?) here. These file-specs are checked against the complete filename (C:\MonitoredDirectory\SubDir\NewFile.txt). The main task will check these file-specs to see if this SubTask should be called for a detected file.

Note: Make sure the "Main Task" also detects these files.

A few Examples:

*This will match all files
*.docThis will match all doc files
*.doc;*.txtThis will match all doc and txt files
*\abc\*.doc;*.txtThis will match all doc files inside directories named "abc" and all txt files in any directory

Masks have reversed meaning

If this option is selected, this SubTask is only called when its filespecs do NOT match.