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Automatically Print PDF Files

This watchDirectory plugin Prints PDF files to any installed printer.

Settings for this plugin

Print to this printer
Select one of the listed printers, those are the same printers as listed on your control panel.
Important: If you run the task as a Windows Service, you may want to read this blogpost.

Use this bin
Some printers have multiple trays for paper, here you can select the bin to use.

Print monochrome
Select this option so even color documents are printed in monochrome.

Number of copies
How many copies should be printed.

Only Print the Following Pages
When this option is NOT set, the full PDF will be printed. Otherwise enter the first and last page number to print. You can use an asterisk (*) to indicate the last page of the PDF. You can use -1 to indicate the page before the last page.

If you want to...First PageLast Page
Print the full document1*
Only print the last 3 pages-2*
Only print the last page**
Only print the first page11

After printing move pdf to...
Select a directory where the printed PDF will be moved to.
If you need more control where the pdf will be moved, you can use Dynamic Name tags and functions. Please note in that case you should also enter a tag for the filename, as an example:
when you enter the above, the PDFs will be moved to a timestamped directory.

After printing delete the PDF
Remove the PDF after printing.

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