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Upload new and changed files to Amazon S3

Use this plugin to automatically upload new and changed files to your Amazon S3 account (Amazon Simple Storage Service).

Settings for this plugin

AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Key
Login to your AWS account and navigate to "Security Credentials" ( Create a new Access/Secret key-pair or use a key-pair you created earlier.

Use Secure Connection (SSL)
When selected, files are uploaded through an https connection.

Upload files to this bucket
Enter the name of the bucket where files are uploaded. Use the browse button to select the bucket from a list.

Upload files to this full path
Enter the path (inside your bucket) where files should be uploaded. By default this is set to
which are {tags} which are replaced at run-time with values based on the file to upload.

For the detected file C:\MonitoredDirectory\Some\Sub\Directory\file.txt
{relativedir} is replaced by the directory "after" the monitored directory - "Some\Sub\Directory" in this case.
{filename} is replaced by the name of the detected file - "file.txt" in this case.
New directories are created automatically inside your bucket and backslashes are converted into forward slashes.

AWS Endpoint
Here you select the AWS server where your bucket is located. Also see the Amazon S3 Documentation.